62 Baby Boy Middle Names That Aren’t James, John, or William

62 Baby Boy Middle Names That Aren’t James, John, or William

    Well, hello there. Congrats on the little cutie you’ll be welcoming a few months from now! (And if you’re not a parent-to-be and simply here to add baby names to your Notes tab, that’s cool too.)

    Regardless of whether or not you’re expecting, the reason you clicked on this article about nonbasic middle names for your baby boy is probably because…you’re searching for unique middle names for a baby boy. Noted.

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    The good news: There are so many middle names you can choose for him that aren’t James, John, or William. The bad news: Figuring out which one to use will literally keep you up at night.

    But between the nursery, diapers, and breastfeeding questions you’re probably definitely already consumed with, the last thing you want to worry about is a cool middle name. Especially when that should be one of the fun parts!

    To help, we’ve curated a list of the best baby boy middle names that you’re going to be obsessed with. We promise there’s something on here that will make the perfect initials for your kid to use. (But in the event that you haven’t picked out the first name yet, probs best to start there, because that’s kind of important too. Right this way for some unisex first name options….)

    1. Aiden

    Aiden sounds like a surfer dude from Laguna Beach or The O.C., and I’m not mad about it.

    2. Alexander

    Umm…hello regal king.

    3. Andrew

    Okay FINE, it’s not the most uncommon name you’ll ever hear—but it will pair nicely with just about any first name you can think of.

    4. Bailey

    Gender-neutral names are some of the most interesting names you’ll find, and you won’t change my mind.

    5. Bennet

    As long as his first name isn’t Ben, this is a great choice. Unless you want a son named Ben Bennet?

    6. Brian

    So many people go with this as a first name. Why not change things up by making it his middle instead?

    7. Bryant

    By adding a simple “t” to the end, you’ll completely transform the name Bryan.

    8. Carson

    Take a page from everyone’s favorite former TRL host. And if you didn’t know that I was talking about Carson Daly, thanks for making me feel incredibly old.

    9. Chase

    If you want him to be a complete badass, this is the name. Now all he needs is a baby leather jacket.

    10. Christopher

    This religious name is of Greek origin, and means “bearer of Christ.” Amen!

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    11. Daniel

    “Dammmnnn, Daniel!” will forever be a timeless meme (IYKYK), just like this timeless name.

    12. David

    If you have any luck, your baby boy will grow up with a brow game as strong as Schitt’s Creek character David Rose’s.

    13. Dean

    Great for fans of James Dean AND Jensen Ackles’ Supernatural character.

    14. Elio

    It’s not just the best frozen pizza brand (minus one “l”)—it also makes for a stellar middle name.

    15. Emerson

    A powerful name for a baby, as it literally means “brave” and “powerful.”

    16. Eric

    Eric is by far the best Disney Prince, in my opinion.

    17. Flynn

    You can’t beat one-syllable choices like Flynn, especially as a middle name.

    18. Frederick

    If you want, you can even call him Freddy as a nickname. Aw!

    19. Garrett

    With a sporty name like Garrett, he just might be a jock.

    20. Grey

    Grey is easy to pronounce, unique, and totally mysterious-sounding in the best way.

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    21. Henry

    Did you know Prince Harry’s real name is Henry?? As if you needed more proof that it’s an awesome name.

    22. Hendrix

    Going with Hendrix practically guarantees he’ll be shredding Jimi’s solos by the time he’s old enough to hold a guitar.

    23. Hudson

    Being named after the Hudson River, you’ll want to get him started with swimming lessons ASAP.

    24. Hunter

    A very country choice for your adorable little cowboy.

    25. Isaac

    There aren’t too many “I” names out there, but Isaac has more than enough swag to make up for it.

    26. Jack

    Jack Black, Jack Nicholson, 30 Rock‘s Jack Donaghy…yep, your baby boy is in some good company.

    27. Jax

    He might not have been the best role model on Vanderpump Rules, but you have to hand it to Jax Taylor—he’s got an undeniably cool name.

    28. Jeremy

    He’ll be your little Jer-Bear forever.

    29. Judson

    If you liked Hudson but had your heart set on a “J” middle name, why not have both?

    30. Kev

    Choose the right first name, and this special take on Kevin will sound ultra-hip.

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    31. Killian

    This Celtic choice translates to “little warrior” and “bright-headed.”

    32. Knox

    Knox knox. Who’s there? A boy with an awesome middle name, that’s who.

    33. Lawrence

    Can you even imagine a baby nicknamed Larry? So cute!

    34. Leo

    An especially fantastic option for all you astrology moms out there with babies born from July 23 to August 22.

    35. Levi

    There’s a reason Levi’s is the most popular jean company—it has the best name, don’t @ me.

    36. Lincoln

    A future history major in the making?

    37. Lucas

    Or, drop the “s” and make it Luca! Either way…10/10 choice.

    38. Maclean

    This Gaelic name can either be pronounced Mac-cleen or Mac-clayn. Both are equally futuristic-sounding.

    39. Mitchell

    Mitch, Mitchie, Mitchell…so many variations on this special one.

    40. Nash

    Whether you’re a Nashville native or just a fan of the city’s iconic music venues, this is a sweet choice for your future country superstar.

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    41. Nicholas

    Nicholas means “people of victory,” so get ready for plenty of exciting victories in your little one’s life.

    42. Noah

    This popular name is of Hebrew origin, and means “rest” or “repose.” Hopefully, that means your newborn will have no trouble sleeping through the night.

    43. Orson

    Orson, of Latin origin, means “bear cub.” Name a cuter baby name meaning than that…I’ll wait.

    44. Oliver

    Inspire a future reader by giving him a name from the Charles Dickens classic.

    45. Peter

    Peter, a Greek name meaning “rock” or “stone,” is a rock-solid choice for your little dude. See what I did there?

    46. Penn

    If your baby grows up as talented as Penn Badgley, you’re in luck. Just make sure the similarities stop at Penn…and not his You character Joe Goldberg.

    47. Peyton

    Peyton? Like quarterback Peyton Manning?? Yep, your boy is set to make NFL history.

    48. Quentin

    Having any “Q” name is already super rare, but sharing one with director Quentin Tarantino is even rarer.

    49. Reid

    This English name actually means “red haired,” so if your son is born a redhead, you know which name to choose.

    50. Rhett

    If you grew up in the golden age of YouTube, you’ll immediately think of ’00s duo Rhett and Link. Both are pretty impressive names, but Rhett definitely stands out.

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    51. Richard

    Richard, which was a bit more popular years ago, is sure give your son’s name a vintage feel.

    52. River

    This could be an especially cute pick if your boy is a water sign!

    53. Samuel

    If you want your kid to be as iconic as Pulp Fiction‘s Samuel L. Jackson, you know what to do.

    54. Scott

    If you have Scottish family members, this could be the nicest tribute to them—since the name quite literally means “from Scotland.”

    55. Sutton

    Similarly, if you have southern roots, Sutton means “from the southern homestead.”

    56. Thomas

    If your little engineer becomes hooked on trains because of Thomas the Tank Engine, just wait until he realizes he shares a name with him.

    57. Taylor

    Still not over the fact that Taylor Lautner married another Taylor, and now they’re both Taylor Lautner. And before that, he dated Taylor Swift. Pick this name if you’re as big a “Taylor” stan as Taylor Lautner.

    58. Timothy

    Or, if you’re feeling fancy, you can spell it Timothée, a la Chalamet.

    59. Tobias

    Say what you will about Tobias Fünke, Arrested Development fans, but the guy had a pretty great name.

    60. Vincent

    Vincent is Latin for “conquering,” which is what he’ll be doing in life for years to come with a name like that.

    61. Wesley

    Wesley means “western meadow,” which is just about as peaceful of a name as it gets.

    62. Zayn

    If you were once a Directioner (and your fave of the group was Zayn), I get it…because same.

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