8 Nail Shapes to Try, From Almond to Lipstick and Beyond

8 Nail Shapes to Try, From Almond to Lipstick and Beyond

  • There are so many different nail shapes to choose from.
  • So many celebrities love playing with their nail shape when they get a new manicure.
  • Popular nail shapes include almond, ballerina, oval, coffin, short, round, square, lipstick, and more.

The summer months are all about experimenting, whether it’s with your hair, makeup, or both. If you want to spruce up your nails, outside of playing with the latest nail-art trends, you can try out different nail shapes. There are a handful of super fun, aesthetically-pleasing nail shapes that deserve your attention this season.

The Best Nail Shapes

“Different looks can be sexy depending on the occasion,” LeChat Nails educator Syreeta Aaron tells POPSUGAR. “If you’re going on vacation, simple is sexy, so go with a very short, natural, square rounded shape. You don’t want anything too high maintenance when you’re on the go — a broken tip isn’t sexy.”

Aaron noted classic nail shapes, like almond-shaped nails, can stand out as being flirtatious, while the coffin-nail shape is a bit newer and stands out as bold. While picking nail shapes can be fun, the process can be a little stressful. The shape ultimately determines the look and vibe of your manicure, and there’s something out there for everyone. Don’t pay attention to or feel self-conscious about your finger size, but instead focus on the details of your mani, like the nail-polish color.

If you’re looking for options, keep scrolling to see some different types of nails you can try, including almond, ballerina, oval, coffin, round, square, lipstick, and more.

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