’90 Day Fiancé’ Tell-All: Armando Questions Kenny & Tim’s Relationship

’90 Day Fiancé’ Tell-All: Armando Questions Kenny & Tim’s Relationship

Armando is uncomfortable with his husband Kenny’s relationship with fellow 90 Day Fiancé star Tim. During part two of this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way‘s tell-all special that aired on Monday on TLC, Armando questioned Kenny and Tim’s close friendship, particularly, that Tim calls Kenny “daddy.”

On this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Kenny and Armando decided to start the surrogacy process after a lot of intense fighting about whether or not Kenny wanted another child at 60 years old. Kenny has already raised four children who are now adults, and they are raising Armando’s young daughter, Hannah, together. But after finally coming to the conclusion that they did want a child together, Kenny emotionally revealed during the tell-all that they had a major setback — their egg donor abruptly backed out at the last minute.

“We picked an egg donor and she went through the whole process, and the day she’s supposed to come in, she ghosted the clinic,” he said. “Never did anything. So, we had to go through the whole process again.”

Kenny fought back tears as he talked about his fears this season over having a baby with Armando at his age.

“I did a lot of pushback on it because I was in fear over it,” he said. “There was two things in my life that I almost didn’t do, and one was being with him and one was starting a family with him, and it was both due to my age. Can you imagine if I didn’t what I would have lost out on? So, I’m very thankful that we did this surrogacy process because I would have lost out on something else as well. But I’m happy to say that we have seven embryos now.”

However, the couple was in disagreement over how many eggs they wanted to transfer. Armando wanted to do two to up their chances, but Kenny only wanted to do one given that he already has triplets and didn’t want to chance having twins instead of just one child. While the two said they were still undecided, the talk turned to Tim, when Armando called him out for advising Kenny to not have another child. Tim admitted it.

“I just feel like Kenny’s love for Armando is so big, he’s going to dedicate the rest of his life to that child,” Tim explained. “And I feel like he’s doing it more for Armando than himself. That’s a very serious commitment. And especially hearing this about the possibility of twins like, that, that’s even scarier to me.”

But Armando said Kenny does in fact want another child.

“It will change our lives,” Armando acknowledged. “But at the same time, we both know what it’s like. We’re not newbies. Like, I know there’s this assumption that because he’s older that, you know, he wants to sit on a rocking chair and that’s not what he wants to do. So, at the end of the day, he’s wanting this too.”

Kenny said he just didn’t want to have any regrets.

“I think I’m the type where I just go for stuff, and most of the time it has worked out for me,” he said. 

“I like to put others first,” he also acknowledged. “I put my kids first, I put my family first. I do do that, but it’s not sacrificing anything for me to do that.”

When the talk turned to Kenny memorably taking Armando to a strip club in Mexico City this season and Armando looking uncomfortable, Armando cracked that, “I’m crazier than you think.” The couple then got candid about the role-playing they did in the bedroom, including “daddy” given that Kenny is significantly older than Armando. But then Armando suddenly called out Tim.

“I want to ask a question to Tim,” he said. “I know on text you call Kenny ‘daddy.’ Are you sure nothing has gone down in New York when you’re there with them?”

While the cast laughed in shock, Kenny said there was absolutely nothing between him and Tim and that Armando knew the nature of their relationship.

“We’re friends and he’ll like, message, ‘Hey, daddy, what’s up?'” Kenny said of Tim. “[Armando] knows it’s all in fun because, you know, [Tim] gets crap online about his orientation and he’s not. But he is comfortable in his own skin to play around like that and stuff. So, he’ll just say it in a joking way and [Armando] knows it. He’s not bothered by it either.”

But Tim only fueled the flames, joking, “Well, I mean, he has been in my room quite a lot.”

Kenny added, “Some people think it. But no, we’re just like, really, we’re tight. We just get along. We have a good time. With us, it just banged. …. Wrong word. That just shows that people of different orientation can just goof around and be friends and there’s no hang-ups like that or anything like that.”

Armando said at the end of the day, he wasn’t worried.

“I goof around, but I trust him,” he said. “So what he’s told me is what it is. And, you know, it’s all in fun. It’s fine.”

ET recently spoke with Kenny at the season 10 premiere of 90 Day Fiancé, where he gave an update on his and Armando’s surrogacy journey. Watch the video below for more.


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