’90 Day: The Last Resort’ Shocker: Kalani Spends the Night With Dallas

’90 Day: The Last Resort’ Shocker: Kalani Spends the Night With Dallas

Kalani can’t let go of her “hall pass,” Dallas. On Monday’s episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort, Dallas — the man Kalani got intimate with and started developing feelings for after Asuelu gave her “a hall pass” to kiss someone due to him cheating on her in Samoa — shockingly flew out to the Florida Keys to see Kalani while Kalani is in couples therapy to try to work things out with Asuelu.

While Kalani and Asuelu have been trying to work things out this season for the sake of their two young sons, it’s clear there’s a lot of damage done in the marriage. Kalani revealed that Asuelu had actually cheated on her numerous times, even early in their relationship when she was pregnant. She also admitted to having feelings for Dallas, though she agreed to block him during the couples retreat. On Monday’s episode, Kalani had a conversation with Liz and admitted she no longer saw Asuelu as a love interest but more like a friend because she couldn’t forgive him for his cheating. She also suspected he was still talking to other women because she caught him deleting messages on his phone.

“The fact that Asuelu decided to, like, be weird about deleting text messages in front of me just makes me feel uneasy about the whole thing,” she said. “So it almost makes me feel like he is still sneaky. He just hasn’t learned how to be successful at it.”

After she felt Asuelu was being “shady,” Kalani unblocked Dallas without telling Asuelu. Liz noted that Kalani “lit up” when talking about Dallas.

“He’s very sweet,” she gushed. “He’s like the first guy I’ve ever dated that actually reciprocates what I do, like communication, feelings, like, doing things for each other.”

“I just feel torn because it’s like, do I pick the person that I have kids with that I’ve had to work so hard to even be kind of friends? Or do I pick the person who came out of nowhere and made me actually believe that, you know, there are nice guys out there and there are people that can love you and you don’t have to work so hard for it,” she continued.

Meanwhile, in a conversation with Jovi, Asuelu admitted fault for the way things were with Kalani.

“You know, I’m facing all my consequences,” he said of Kalani developing feelings for another man. “What I did, I can’t imagine … and I just don’t want to pressure her because she’s like done, done with me, you know what I’m saying? After our session with Dr. Jenny, I don’t know if Kalani wants to divorce and I feel she just don’t love me anymore.”

Later, Asuelu got suspicious when he woke up the next morning and Kalani was gone. He called her and she said she was having breakfast but she wouldn’t tell him where. He said he could feel that “something was not right at all.”

“I’m trying here to rebuild the foundation of our relationship because we have kids, but it’s just nothing,” he said, obviously defeated. “It’s just like coming here for nothing.”

Kalani eventually returned to her room and her sister, Kolini, asked her what happened that morning because Asuelu was “freaking out” that she was gone. Kalani was unapologetic and said he knew she was safe. Kalani then revealed during a girls’ getaway with Liz, Yara and Angela that once she unblocked Dallas, he let her know about all his feelings for her.

“He decided to fly out,” she said as her castmates reacted in shock. “So he texted me to come see him, and I spent the night there.”

For more on Asuelu and Kalani’s rocky relationship, watch the video below.


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