’90 Day: The Single Life’ First Look: See Who’s Returning! (Exclusive)


These 90 Day stars are single and ready to mingle — maybe!

ET has the exclusive first look at the second season of 90 Day: The Single Life, which will follow some old and new faces from the franchise who are looking for their next chance at love. Things start off hot and heavy in the clip, as Veronica — who was looking for romance during last season of Single Lifehas Jamal (Kimberly’s son) in her bed. The North Carolina native is exploring the idea of having fun and dating someone much younger.

The return of Veronica, means the return of her ex-turned best friend, Tim, who seems to have an issue with the romance. Fans will also see the return of Natalie, who is left in tears by Josh after he convinced her to move to Los Angeles.

Tyray is giving love another chance, as he reflects on being catfished by his online girlfriend of four years, Carmella, which played out on last season’s Before The 90 Days

After wrapping the final season of The Family Chantel, and her divorce from Pedro, Chantel is feeling sexy, single and like a jet-setter as she heads to Greece. However, she gets a little emotional PTSD, after locking lips with a man.

Debbie is playing the field again, after ending things with Oussama during Before the 90 Days. However, she may be telling a little white lie about her age. 

Meet the cast and find out more about their journeys to romance. 


John, 40

John is no stranger to the 90 Day franchise, but this is the first time his love will be chronicled. Fans were introduced to him as he voiced his opinions about his brother Patrick’s romance with Thais. Now, it’s his turn to find romance as he connects with a woman in Texas who wants three things: marriage, a child, and for John to move to be near her.


Debbie, 68

After a heartbreaking end to her relationship with Oussama, the Georgia native is trying to find a more age-appropriate romance. However, she bends the truth as she plays the field. While the men have to impress her, they also have to go through her cop son, Julian, who is looking out for his mom’s best interest.


Tyray, 33 

Reeling from the aftermath of being catfished by his online girlfriend of four years, the California native is ready to try again. With the help of his brothers, Tyray is giving love a new shot, outside of online dating. He’s looking for a … Hilary Clinton type.


Chantel, 32

She’s officially single and ready to mingle — abroad. Chantel has ended her tumultuous relationship with Pedro, and has closed The Family Chantel chapter of her life. Now, she and her girls set off on a trip to Greece where she will let loose and determine if she’s open to love again.


Veronica, 47

The 90 day fan favorite is trying something new this season — dating younger. After shocking the 90 Day universe with their romance, Veronica and Jamal’s relationship will play out for the world to see. However, it comes with a hiccup — named Tim.


Tim, 42

After becoming the sounding board for various 90 Day relationships, and giving Veronica grief about hers, Tim is back in the field. With the help of Veronica, Tim is putting himself back out there and looking for love again.


Natalie, 39

The world saw Natalie as she embraced single life last season, following the end of her relationship with Mike. After moving to Florida, and dating, she met Josh — who offered a lot of ups and downs during their fling. This season, Natalie and Josh’s romance is put to the test when she moves to Los Angeles to be with him, but things don’t seem to go her way. 

90 Day: The Single Life returns to TLC on Jan. 1. 


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