A Bruja’s Guide to Why Salt Is Essential For Spiritual Healing

A Bruja’s Guide to Why Salt Is Essential For Spiritual Healing

Salt is known around the world for its uses in seasoning and preserving food. But this mineral has been used in spiritual and religious traditions for generations. The magic begins in the salt’s crystal. When looking at it under a microscope it is quite unique and extraordinary with distinctive patterns throughout, even down to the tiniest crystals. Some may compare it to the structures found in sacred geometry, which is used for manifestation, connecting to the spirit world, and restoring balance. From spiritual practices to religious traditions, salt has played an integral role. So, while adding another pinch may be all you need for that stew you’re brewing on the stove, salt symbolizes far more than a kitchen staple.

What Is the Meaning of Salt Spiritually?

Salt is powerful. It is believed to have purification and protective qualities that can help the body and spirit to heal. It can cleanse us physically and energetically and is believed to extract or release what no longer serves us in our energetic field, which has a positive impact on our physical form. Caribbean spiritual and religious practices use salt for the protection of the home or sacred space. Salt placed in the entrance of a home is used to ward off evil or negative energy from entering the space.

Similarly, in African spirituality, salt is believed to repel evil spirits and absorb negative energy from a physical space or our aura, the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds or encompasses the physical body. Shamanic traditions hail the use of pink Himalayan salt, which is over 250 million years old. This salt is used to purify and remove stagnant or negative energy.

Salt is referenced throughout religious doctrines. In the Bible, salt symbolizes things like value, purification, protection, permanence, and loyalty. In fact, salt is mentioned in the Bible over 40 times. This mineral is included as an offering in Jewish Temples and is used during the Sabbath when people dip bread in the salt as a reminder of sacrifices. Salt was also used in spiritual rituals by Greek worshippers and as Egyptian religious offerings.

What Are the Spiritual Qualities of Salt?

When salt is used for spiritual qualities it’s important to note that it should be pure salt, not iodized salt, also known as table salt. The purest form of salt is pink Himalayan salt, which is harvested in the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan and contains all 84 natural minerals found in the human body. Sea salt is another great option. It’s harvested from evaporated sea water and has spiritual benefits, as well as, physical like combating eczema and easing aches and pains. For centuries, the Dead Sea in Israel has been a destination for people seeking its healing benefits. Loaded with minerals, travelers can sit in the sea and soak it all in while the natural salt detoxes their body and spirit.

How Can You Incorporate Salt Into Your Lunar Rituals?

Salt is healing for the mind, body, and spirit. Throughout history, salt has been a major component in religious and spiritual rituals, primarily for its cleansing and protective qualities. But salt is also celebrated because of its restorative and resilient properties too. Therefore, salt is an important ingredient in spiritual baños and limpias. Soaking in warm water mixed with salt, flowers, and herbs can have profound impacts on one’s spiritual health and overall balance. In Caribbean spiritual traditions, these sacred baths were typically prepared with intention by an elder in the community or a spiritual leader. They may sing, pray, speak affirmations, and more as the baño is being prepared.

What Kinds of Salts Can You Use in Your Spiritual Practice?

Pink Himalayan salt is arguably the best and purest form of salt to use in spiritual practices. Sea salt is the next best thing. Do not use table salt or iodized salt for spiritual practices.

What Is a salt protection prayer?

Great Spirit, I pray that wherever this salt is placed, may it banish negativity, evil, and stagnant energy. Whether I soak in it, sprinkle it around my home, or use it in the food or drink I consume, may the salt be added protection for me and liberation from lower vibrational energies. So, it shall be.

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