Aaron Carter’s Twin Sister Shares Late Singer’s Final Resting Place

Aaron Carter’s Twin Sister Shares Late Singer’s Final Resting Place

Aaron Carter‘s final resting place has been revealed by his twin sister, and she’s encouraging fans to visit.

Angel Carter took to Instagram on Friday and shared a photo of the gold plaque memorializing the later singer. The gold plaque features Aaron’s image as well as the year he was born and the year he died. He’s also remembered on the plaque as a “Beloved Brother, Son, Friend & Father of Prince Carter.”

“Aaron’s portrait was placed this morning at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills,” Angel captioned her post. “He adored his fans, and I know how much this would mean to him now having a final resting place where we could all celebrate his life. I invite you to visit, share your memories, and never forget who Aaron was deep down. 🤍🕊️.”

Angel’s post comes nearly a year after Aaron was found dead in his Lancaster, California home. He was 34. Back in April, ET confirmed that the late singer’s cause of death was listed as drowning by the Los Angeles Medical Examiner. His death was the result of the effects of taking alprazolam, which is a generic form of Xanax, and inhaling difluoroethane. 

In the report, obtained by ET, the coroner said Aaron was “submerged in a bathtub after inhalation of compressed gas and intake of alprazolam.” The report stated that the “Aaron’s Party” singer was submerged under water and unresponsive in his bathtub. 

Tragically, Aaron’s death came less than a month before Prince turned 1.

Just days after his death, Angel shared that she and her family tried “everything” to help the “I Want Candy” singer, who in the past had been open about struggling with substance abuse. Angel also said she spoke to him two days before his death, to no avail.

“It feels unfair… I feel too young to carry the weight of losing two of my siblings. When we lost Leslie, I was blindsided and shocked,” said Angel, referencing their sister who died in 2012. “With Aaron, however, we had tried everything. In fact, I spoke with him two days before he passed, and I begged, once again, for him to let us help. I did not know that would be the last time that I would ever hear his voice. And now, I sit here on our birthday, trying to navigate this unimaginable loss because of untreated mental illness and the addiction that it led to.”

She continued, “Aaron dying was the worst day of my life. I have loved him since we were born… it feels like a piece of my soul is gone. And yet, despite all this pain, his passing has lit a fire within me. I feel a calling and responsibility to help other families and continue the conversation to further break the stigmas that surround mental illness.”

In August, ET was with Nick in Wyoming on the set of his new music video, “Superman,” and the Backstreet Boys singer opened up about how the family’s still coping with the loss of their beloved brother and son.

“It’s definitely been tough for me and my family,” Nick says. “It is still something that we are still processing, to this day. I don’t think we will ever really get over it. It’s been a lot for us, and we are finding ways to try and take a really tragic situation in our family and do something with it.”


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