Abby Lee Miller Clarifies Remarks on Being Attracted to High Schoolers

Abby Lee Miller Clarifies Remarks on Being Attracted to High Schoolers

Abby Lee Miller is walking back some controversial comments she recently made in which she seemingly stated that she is attracted to high school football players.

Miller’s original comments came towards the end of an appearance on Sofia Franklyn’s “Sofia with an F” podcast, in which Miller, 57, brought up the 1983 sports drama All the Right Moves, in which Tom Cruise — who was 21 at the time of release — played a high school senior and star player on the school’s football team.

“Oh, that’s my downfall. I like the high school football players,” Miller said at the time, adding, “I still like them.”

Franklyn, 31, then responded that, given she’s an adult, she’s now more into the other adult high school football coaches. Miller doubled down, stating, “Not one that used to be in high school but one that is.”

The remarks drew some substantial heat, with critics accusing her of sexualizing minors. This allegation is particularly problematic for Miller, some critics pointed out, considering her work with children on Dance Moms and her upcoming reality series Mad House.

On Monday, Miller took to Instagram to “set the record straight.”

“I do like those hot, athletic muscular types of guys. The jocks. I always have and I always will,” Miller stated. “And they must be able to go out to a club, gamble in Vegas, rent an ADA-compliant, handicap-accessible van, and they should also have a business, a bank account, success and passion.”

Although Miller didn’t directly state it, it seems she attempted to imply that she’s only attracted to adult men — specifically men over the age of 21, the minimum age for gambling at a Las Vegas casino.

Miller concluded her video by sharing, “This year is my high school class reunion… and I hope that the heartthrob is there. But if he’s not, I heard Tom Brady’s available.”



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