Ahem, Cheap Dressers *Do* Exist



Honestly, dressers can get pretty pricey (considering they are really large pieces of furniture, after all…). But the good news is there are some affordable ones out there—ones you won’t have to sacrifice style, functionality, nor your entire paycheck for. If this all sounds too good to be true, then keeping reading, my friend. I’ve got a list of the best cheap dressers for ya, below.

Want a sleek, beautiful wood one for less than a hundred bucks? Comin’ right up. Or maybe you’ve been tirelessly searching for something that’s lightweight, easy to assemble, and just simply gets the job done. I got that for you, too! In fact, I’ve gathered nine of the best affordable dressers worth considering. Whether you’re furnishing your first apartment or just simply want a chest of drawers that won’t cost you a bazillion bucks, have a gander.

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this sturdy wooden bb


Walker Edison


$263.36 (12% off)

People won’t believe you when you say you got this gorgeous wooden gem for less than $300. We love a $$$-looking product with an affordable price tag!


this top-rated one

Culpeper 4 Drawer Dresser

Zipcode Design


Not only does this have a four-star rating with over 3,000 glowing reviews, but it’s also super wallet-friendly. Plus, it’s v spacious and has chic metal handles to go with the overall sleek design.


this taller option

Classic 5 Drawer Dresser, Rustic Oak Finish



Choosing a tall dresser versus one that’s long width-wise will save you lots of space, IMO. And this $125 find is a beaut.


this trusted one

KULLEN 6-Drawer Dresser

Is it just me or does every first apartment have this dresser? I mean, it’s cheap, spacious, and minimalist. Gotta love it!


this aesthetic babe

Austin 8-Drawer Truffle Double Dresser



If you’re someone who needs A TON of storage, I’d opt for this eight-drawer bad boy. Plus, that light oak finish is just *chef’s kiss* for anyone with a soft girl aesthetic.


this minimalist gem

Zoe 6-Drawer Double Dresser

Porch & Den


Keep it classic and chic with this beaut from Overstock.com. It’s simple, yet sophisticated, and comes in three other colorways if you’re not feelin’ the white.


this fabric one

Fabric Dresser with 8 Drawer

For all those who only got money on the mind and do not want to drop a lot of coin for a dresser: Go for this fabric one. Because of the fabric drawers, this dresser goes for a lot cheaper than most wooden ones. Another perk: It’s super easy to put together!


this simple choice

Adele Bedroom Chest

Raymour & Flanigan


Simple, traditional, and spacious. Hard to go wrong with this one! 


this gorgeous one

Lyra 4-Drawer Dresser

Edloe Finch


Okay, yes, I know $995 isn’t just loose change for anyone. But, hear me out: This stunning dresser usually goes for $1300 and it’s on super sale RTFN. And if you’re asking me, the wise move would be to get this luxe piece of furniture NOW while it’s under a grand. It’s definitely a worthy investment!

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