All Sydney Sweeney Wants for Christmas Is a Charged Phone

All Sydney Sweeney Wants for Christmas Is a Charged Phone

Sydney Sweeney has had one hell of a year playing TV’s most intriguing characters. She portrays Cassie on Euphoria, as an intense, extremely emotional softie, or, in the words of her former best friend Maddy, “the most self-centered, idiotic person I’ve ever f*****g met.” In her second HBOMax show, White Lotus, she plays the judgmental college student Olivia with a razor-sharp tongue.

Neither character would be anyone’s first choice to spend the holidays with (though a few days at a Hawaiian resort doesn’t seem too bad), nor would they have the time to think about anybody other than themselves between tantrums about Nate’s flippancy and gossiping with Lotus bestie Paula. Good thing Sweeney’s real-life charisma is unlike that of her performances, and she has an even more charming holiday shopping list to match. (Spoiler alert: no rhinestones or glitter are included!)

My holiday gifting tip is…

to always gift love. I think love is the best gift.


For the fragrance fanatic:

Armani Beauty My Way Eau de Parfum, $135

Douse yourself in floral goodness with this bouquet of orange blossom, Indian jasmine, and tuberose for a mature, invigorating scent that steals the room without being too overbearing.

Sweeney says: “There’s a travel-size Armani My Way fragrance. I’m definitely going to be gifting that to my Nana, my Grandi. [ My grandparents] won’t read this, so they won’t know. I think it’s such a beautiful gift, the bottle is gorgeous, and it’s a great travel size.”

For the skincare buff:

Omnilux ContourTM FACE, $395

Red carpet looks always call for thorough skin prep. Give your skin the Hollywood star treatment with this mask from Omnilux, which contours around your face so the red light therapy can target fine lines, wrinkles, and texture all over your skin.

Sweeney says: “I’m always into skin products, like actual devices. I’ve been obsessed with either an ice roller or an LED light face mask, so that will be a good gift on the list for someone.”

My personal wishlist gift is…

Apple USB-C Charge Cable, $19

“One gift for myself [would be] a charger, like a good phone charger. I lose a lot of them.”

My Way Eau de Parfum

ARMANI My Way Eau de Parfum

Contour FACE

Omnilux Contour FACE
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USB-C Charge Cable (2 m)

Apple USB-C Charge Cable (2 m)
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