An Energy Healer Explains What Your Aura Color Means

An Energy Healer Explains What Your Aura Color Means

If you’ve ventured into the esoteric world of spirituality, there’s a chance you’ve heard about auras. Your aura — otherwise known as an energetic layer that you radiate — illuminates a color surrounding a person’s body and other living things. Perhaps you’ve heard phrases like “Your aura is bright” or “You’re aura is glowing,” but aren’t sure what that means, much less how to see it.

In religious practices like Hinduism, auras are closely related to the different layers of chakras in that they all denote specific energy or essence, per Heathline. Simply put, these layers capture your essence, and you can learn a lot about your strengths and qualities by finding your aura color, and understanding what it means.

How To Find Your Aura Color

Although with practice and focus, you can read your own aura, it’s probably best to leave it to the professionals. According to energy healer and spiritual expert, Dilosh of Girl And Her Moon, the simplest way to find your aura color is to visit an aura photographer or consult an expert, such as a shaman or energy healer. “You can also take a test to find your aura color based on on your personality traits, preferences, and habits,” she added.

While Dilosh says that everyone is born with a specific frequency of color, your aura itself is fluid. “An individual can have more than one color in their aura, and these colors can change with time depending on the level of awareness,” says Dilosh.

Curious to know what your aura color means? Read on to discover what Dilosh has to say about your aura color, and what you can gain from understanding it.

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