‘And Just like That…’ Was Just Renewed for Season 3!

‘And Just like That…’ Was Just Renewed for Season 3!

When And Just Like That… premiered back in 2021, we all got to step back into the wonderful world of Carrie Bradshaw, where writing a single newspaper column a week (or, in the updated series, co-hosting a podcast) afforded you a spacious Manhattan apartment and an unending collection of Manolos.

The revamped show is now almost done with season 2 and IDK about you, but since there were only 11 episodes planned for the whole season, I’m already out here desperately wondering about when we’re going to be a getting season 3. Those 18-to-20-episode seasons of Sex and the City really spoiled us, and you can only do a re-watch so many times!

From when it would air to what it would be about, here’s everything we know so far about the potential season 3.

Will there be a season 3 of And Just Like That?

There is finally some positive news here! And Just Like That… has officially been renewed ahead of its season 2 finale this week! Idk how they did it, but they somehow got all of these actors to sign on for ten more episodes of this wacky show.

“We are thrilled to spend more time in the Sex And The City universe telling new stories about the lives of these relatable and aspirational characters played by these amazing actors,” showrunner Michael Patrick King said in a press release. “And Just Like That… here comes season 3.”

What would season 3 be about?

Now here’s the million dollar question! Since we don’t exactly know how season 2 is going to end it’s kindaaa hard to guess what season 3 will be about. What we do know so far) is that Carrie and Aidan are back together going into the season finale, but their transition into relationship bliss has not been easy on everyone, especially Aidan’s ids. Miranda is back in NYC after a brief stint in LA but is having drama with both of her exes, Steve and Che. Charlotte is back and work and thriving, but her family is not. There’s a lot to dive into here!

We also know Kim Cattrall is coming back in the season 2 finale as the iconic Samantha Jones, so let’s keep our fingers, toes, and everything else crossed so that if the show comes back for a season 3, so does Kim (and maybe Smith Jerrod too?!). The show’s writers also seem to have committed to keeping up with all the new ladies they introduced last season, like Nya, Seema, and Lisa, so let’s hope that continues on.

When would season 3 come out?

It’s hard to say when exactly season 3 will air. There wasn’t exactly a pattern with the first two seasons that we can go off of. Season 1 premiered in December 2021 and we just got season 2 in June 2023, but assuming they take another year and a half between seasons, we could potentially expect a winter 2024 air date. However, due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes going on, it could take much longer than that. And just like that, we’re excited again!

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