Andy Ross Is Playing His Part With His New Single, “All American Heart.”

From farmers and teachers to nurses and construction workers, Andy Ross praises the typical, blue-collar American for their contributions to society with “All American Heart.” He tips his hat to the working class and those who rarely get recognition but keep the country running. This patriotic anthem celebrates those that make up the heartbeat of the United States, and who represent the American Dream.

Listen To “All American Heart”:

Andy Ross continues to show his heart for patriotism and in gathering like-minded, good-natured people together through music. His passions don’t end there though. He is also the CEO of his now publicly traded company, American Rebel. He continues to expand himself as an artist and entrepreneur, truly representing the American Dream that is embodied in “All American Heart.” According to Ross, “this song is about you, me, and every other hard working American that makes this country what it is!”

“All American Heart” is out now! Stream using the links below, and follow Andy’s socials to keep up with what he’s doing next.

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Twitter: @AndyRossRebel
YouTube: Andy Ross
TikTok: @andyrossrebel
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