Nelia Ross just dropped the music video of her latest Track ‘I’m flying

Nelia Ross has made a massive impact in the music industry as a vibrant, contemporary singer with a fascinating vocal strength that works well with upbeat pop and rock songs. The singer has developed a robust, lyrical voice and has learned to project her conviction and passion. The gifted singer has taken a multipronged approach to achieve her goal of stardom.

Nelia Ross is an Italian American pianist, singer, and songwriter. She started her professional career when she was five years old, entertaining a small audience with her piano playing and singing of cartoon theme songs. She began studying with legendary opera singer Annabella Rossi when she was just 12 years old.

After meeting Edda Dell’Orso, the legendary performer of Ennio Morricone’s film compositions like “Once Upon a Time in the West,” she decided to try singing and music. As a result of her extensive training and stage experience, she began consistently placing first in competitions across the country. To learn more, go to her website, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Music Collaborations

Several factors led her to decide to rebrand herself as Nelia Ross and begin performing under that name. She said we began collaborating in 2012 when I joined forces with a group of American writers. In particular, the work she did with Nico Adams in 2020 on the song “TRUE LIGHT,” which has now amassed more than 91K+ views online.

Beautiful outcomes have come from the collaboration of three London-based painters this year (UK). We have begun tracking some of Nelia Ross’s tunes.

Even while the Italian melody and American beat are still present, these songs have evolved into something more electronic. She and a cast of 19 will be performing in her upcoming show, “True Light Show” (8 musicians, 5 singers, and 6 dancers). On top of that, there is always a surprise visitor. Nelia will perform a duet with renowned soprano Dominika Zamara and the acclaimed Italian tenor Massimiliano Drapello. Biscroma Records, an independent music company and ASCAP member, is in charge of the initiative.

The latest Music video of the Single  ‘I’m flying’ 

The music video for the newest single by Nelia Ross, called “I’m flying,” was uploaded to YouTube on October 15, 2022. Biscroma Records was responsible for every aspect of the production of the music video. Recording sessions took place in both London and Italy. 

About Music Video 

Her experiences during the pandemic era, characterized by a significant number of difficulties and melancholy, highlight the significance of the Music Video for her. She was mentally humming a tune that brought her visions of a liberated and joyful future, which she thought would motivate us. She was humming the song in her head. After that, the music breathed its first sigh of relief and started to take on a life of its own.

This music video serves as a metaphor for the independence and self-determination of a woman who has finally come to terms with who she is after suffering a string of devastating losses throughout her life. She has decided that she no longer cares what other people think of her and wants to demonstrate her worth, strength, and power to the world.

The music video has received more than 400 views on YouTube ever since it was published there, and it has positively impacted the people who have taken the time to watch it.

Album links

The Album is available on all Digital Stores, please click below


Nelia Ross is a compelling vocalist who performs warm pop and rock songs with a current, dynamic style says Daily Reuters. The vocalist’s voice is powerful and melodic, and she has polished her innate ability to stand out with conviction and emotion. If you want to know more about Nelia Ross, check her accounts on Spotify and her Website, where you can check her updates.

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