Annie Murphy Briefly Snapped Back Into Character as Alexis Rose, T-Rex Hands and All


Annie Murphy may be in the thick of promoting her new show, Kevin Can F**ck Himself, but she can still snap back into character as Schitt’s Creek‘s Alexis Rose at the drop of a hat. The lovable Canadian actress did just that during an appearance on The Tonight Show on Wednesday evening, and it made us yearn for the Rose family’s onscreen shenanigans more than ever.

After playing a hilarious game of True Confessions, during which she admitted to licking Chris Martin‘s sweat off her hand (yes, really), Annie and host Jimmy Fallon took a mini walk down memory lane to reflect on Schitt’s Creek. To the surprise of no one, Annie said fans of the award-winning sitcom regularly yell, “Ew, David!” at her in public, despite the fact that Alexis only utters the phrase a few times throughout the entire series. This revelation led her to briefly slip into character — vocal fry, T-rex-like hand gesture, and all — to say, “Ugh, David!” and “Why, David?!” which made Jimmy and the whole crowd lose their Schitt. Watch Alexis’s — er, Annie’s — entire late-night interview above.
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