Ariana Grande’s Latest Hairstyle Is Transporting Us to Her 2014 ‘Victorious’ Days

Ariana Grande’s Latest Hairstyle Is Transporting Us to Her 2014 ‘Victorious’ Days

While I am yet to pin down my trademark hairstyle (I have, in fact, dyed and bleached my locks more times than I’ve had hot dinners), many do have their go-to look – whether that be a casual updo or rocking your natural tresses, there’s a signature to be snubbed. And one person who is the very definition of this is Ariana Grande.

Ever since stepping out into the spotlight, the singer-meets-actor-meets-beauty mogul (aka, an all-round multi-hyphenate) has sported one hairdo more than most. And while I doubt it needs to be disclaimed, that very look is a half-up half-down style with a side-sweeping parting.

Though, it must be said that in recent years Ari has experimented with a variety of different styles including rocking her own-grown curly hair texture. Serve.

But experiments aside, giving us all the nostalgia that we so very much crave, in Ariana’s latest Instagram post, she wore her hair in its world-renowned 2014 style, complete with a black bow. It’s giving peak Tumblr.

And not only that but the soft blonde bouncy curls just scream Disney Princess.

Now, while this post may seem like any other grid share, upon further investigation we assume that it comes to us as a subtle announcement.

In the caption, Ari writes “almost ten ……. ♡.” And by looking at the third snap in the carousel (swipe through the above to see), this is in reference to her ‘Yours Truly’ album release which came out on 3rd September 2013… almost 10 years ago!

Piecing this information together (as any real serious journalist would), we are going to take a shot in the dark and say that an album re-release is soon to come. After all, the singer looks to be in a studio with music sheets…

One can hope, right?!

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