Becky G on Her First Headlining Tour and Giving Back to the Latine Community With Cheetos

Becky G on Her First Headlining Tour and Giving Back to the Latine Community With Cheetos

Becky G has had quite a year, and it’s only July.

The Latin music artist performed her solo debut at Coachella this April, collaborated with Peso Pluma on their regional Mexican hit single “Chanel,” recently released single “La Nena” alongside Mexican singer-songwriter Gabito Ballesteros, joined the Latine-led cast for DC’s “Blue Beetle” movie in the role of Khaji-Da, and will kick off her first US tour, Mi Casa, Tu Casa, in September. But despite her jam-packed schedule, the 26-year-old has also managed to squeeze in time to give back to the Latine community, thanks to her recent partnership with Cheetos.

This year, Cheetos is celebrating the brand’s fourth iteration of the Deja Tu Huella (Leave Your Mark) campaign “to support and celebrate the next generation of Hispanic students via scholarships,” per a press release. In partnership with the PepsiCo Foundation, the campaign will award 500 scholarships to students attending Hispanic-serving institutions across the country. In addition to covering students’ tuition, the scholarships also provide transportation, housing, and food assistance.

The collaboration felt very full circle for Becky, who shares that her love for Cheetos goes way back to when she was a kid and her mom would buy her and her siblings mini Cheetos bags in bulk boxes at Costco. The singer admits she even used to sell them to her schoolmates to make a quick buck.

“I love Cheetos. When I think about partnerships and I develop more and more in my career, [it’s important to] do things that feel true to me and that are authentic to things that I actually love already and organically connect with and that are integrated in my life or have been a part of my life in some shape or form,” Becky tells POPSUGAR. “But there’s another layer to that, which is the community aspect that our culture definitely inspires in me.”

The campaign includes the Deja Tu Huella Tour. It will hit three different community colleges, where Cheetos will “celebrate Hispanic students and provide them with valuable resources intended to support their future career growth.” This includes everything from mentorship opportunities along with motivational speakers to encourage Latine students to leave their mark.

“There’s a huge gap between us being the hardworking individuals, being the talented individuals, the educated individuals, and then us actually having the resources to get to those spaces where we can really maximize on that,” Becky explains. “And so having these PepsiCo-funded scholarships I think is such a really great opportunity for students to be supported in ways that are beyond just what the typical scholarship could be. It’s even down to do things like housing, and I think that sometimes it’s that simple.”

And when it comes to leaving their mark, Becky has clearly been leaving her own. The Mexican-American singer and actress first gained recognition in 2011 when she was only 14. Her career in recent years has significantly taken off, making her one of the top Latin music women artists right now. As she prepares to hit the road for her upcoming tour, she looks back at how far she’s come and the significance of her headlining her own US tour.

“The tour will be a little bit like how I like my tacos — con un poquito de todo. That’s going to be the tour because I was thinking about it, this is my first headline tour, but I’ve been around, man. I got music from different genres and then different eras of myself,” she says. “We got reggaetón Becky and now we got a little bit of regional Mexican Becky, and we have singing-in-the-shower Becky. There are so many parts of myself as an artist, and that’s why to me I really do identify as a genreless artist. To me, it’s about good music. To me, it’s about the stuff that makes me feel something and it’s about telling stories.”

For more information on the Deja Tu Huella campaign, visit the Cheetos website, and for a chance to win a meet-and-greet and tickets to Becky’s tour, use the #DejatuHuellaTour and #Entry hashtags on TikTok.

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