Behold: The Absolute *Best* Lengthening Mascaras

Behold: The Absolute *Best* Lengthening Mascaras

Look at the ingredients

According to Loiz, if you want long-lasting coverage, you should look for mascaras with polymers. “Copolymers coat the lashes and form a film around them,” she says. “Other ingredients to look for are synthetic fibers, like nylon or rayon.” And ofc, it’s always helpful to look for formulas with conditioning ingredients (such as panthenol or castor oil) to keep lashes soft.

Consider the formula

Thick mascaras, while great for adding volume and thickness, aren’t so great for length alone. Why? They have a tendency to clump and can be harder to spread evenly throughout your lashes. Look for formulas that contain waxes, nourishing oils, or tiny fibers (think: fiber mascaras) that grip to each lash to hold the product on without getting too thick or stiff.

Check out the wand

The key to getting longer-looking lashes, regardless of the formula, is picking a mascara wand with bristles that aren’t packed too densely together. Bristles that are spread farther apart (which is often the case in silicone brushes) can separate and define your lashes, coating them evenly with mascara in the process.

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