BenoftheWeek Might Be the World’s Funniest Taste Tester


Do ya ever watch episodes of Expensive Taste Test and try to guess the pricier item yourself through the screen? Maybe even strain to telepathically communicate the correct option to the celeb guest? 👀 Just me? Cool, cool. Well personally during this episode I was doing a lot of thought transference with YouTube star Ben Almeida (AKA BenoftheWeek,) not that he really needed much assistance, BTW.

If there’s one word that could sum up Ben’s Expensive Taste Test, it’s “strategy.” Our boy Ben was examining the texture, the scent, the whole shebang. All with delightful observational comments throughout. Some of the best gems? One energy drink we gave him, “smelled like kombucha’s evil cousin,” Pizza-flavored candy was invented by “a sick individual,” and certain water “tastes like mud.” Ben made some fair assessments all-around IMO, and all with a smile on his face! Watch the whole thing to see how well he did!

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