‘BiP’: Brayden and Will Are Rejected, a ‘Medical Emergency’ Emerges

‘BiP’: Brayden and Will Are Rejected, a ‘Medical Emergency’ Emerges

Drama has arrived on the beaches of Paradise. On Thursday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, the women had the roses, and the men faced rejection because of it.

As the preview teased, Tanner arrived on the beach, and quickly drew interest from Kat and Jess. Ultimately, Tanner opted to ask Kat on the date and she quickly accepted, upsetting both her first connection, Brayden, and her best friend, Jess, who had expressed interest in Tanner.

Regardless of hurt feelings, Tanner and Kat had a great time riding horses on the beach.

“Today exceeded all expectations in every shape and form,” Kat told the cameras. “Tanner’s someone I can see myself outside of here with.”

Back on the beaches of Paradise, Brayden was “definitely tripping out” over Kat’s date, crying in a confessional as he said, “I’ve shown her my heart. I’ve shown her who I am, and if I’m not enough, that’s just something I’m going to have to accept. It just sucks. I’ve had people choose other people over me before, and that’s life, but I just want someone to see me and want me.”

When Tanner and Kat got back, she sat down with a conversation with Brayden, which did not go well.

“My feelings were different when I was around him,” Kat told Brayden of Tanner. “… I have to listen my gut at the end of the day, and I just don’t know if I see things growing anymore between you and I… I wasn’t thinking about us while I was there. I was just happy and enjoying it.”

In a confessional, Brayden was stunned by Kat’s brush off, telling the cameras, “She was warm with me one second and then f**king cold as ice the next.” The confusion continued as Brayden spoke to Wells Adams, telling the bartender, “There was a change as soon as I gave her my rose.”

Kat got wind of Brayden bashing her and pulled him for a follow up chat.

“I feel hurt. I feel cheap. I feel like a dirty whore. I feel really hurt by this experience,” Brayden told Kat, who was unmoved, explaining that her initial reservations were validated by his reaction.

In a confessional, Brayden’s hurt was evident.

“She’s trying to paint me into being this bad guy now, and I’m being unfair, and I’m being confrontational, and turning herself into this victim,” he said. “Just because your feelings, they turn off like that are you’re fine and you’re OK and you don’t think about me at all, just because you’re able to do that and you’re able to kill something, doesn’t mean that I can.”

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Elsewhere, Tyler stepped down to the beach. While it initially looked like he may rekindle things with his ex, Rachel, he ended up asking Mercedes out on a date. She accepted, a brutal blow for Will, who already lost his first connection, Kylee, because of her interest in Aven.

On their date, Tyler confessed that he came to Paradise to meet Mercedes, and she confesses that he was number one on her list. They wished on a shooting star and shared a kiss, before heading back to the beach, where Mercedes decided to check on Will. Though she told Will she wanted to “sleep on” her decision, he said the conversation was “tough.”

“I feel real bummed,” he told the cameras. “… I gonna wake up tomorrow and I’m gonna choose Mercedes. The best-case scenario is Mercedes waking up tomorrow and choosing me. That’s what I’m hoping for.”

ABC/Craig Sjodin

As romance was developing for several people on the beach, nothing was developing for Sam, who confessed that she hadn’t been able to go to the bathroom for nine days. A doctor came to evaluate the situation, and informed Sam that she’d have to head to the hospital to deliver a “poop baby” if she remained unable to go to the bathroom.

“If I have to leave Paradise at sunrise that would break my heart… It’s literally a crappy situation,” Sam told the cameras, before opening up about her situation to Aaron S. He responded well, even bringing her a “pu pu platter” to try and get things moving.

“I legitimately have a strong connection with her. We made the best of it tonight and it was like a mini one-on-one,” Aaron said in a confessional, as Sam worried that her days on the beach may be numbered.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Bachelor in Paradise airs Thursdays on ABC. Keep up with all the drama on the beach with ET’s coverage of the show. 



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