Blake Shelton Doesn’t Miss ‘The Voice,’ Had Planned to Leave Sooner

Blake Shelton Doesn’t Miss ‘The Voice,’ Had Planned to Leave Sooner

Blake Shelton is enjoying his retirement from The Voice. The 47-year-old country singer exited the hit NBC music competition show after a 23-season run. 

During an appearance on Friday’s episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show, host Hudson asks Shelton if he misses serving as a coach on the show. 

“Not yet, I mean, I did that show for 23 seasons,” he quips. 

The “God’s Country” singer admits that he was planning to leave the show earlier than he actually did but his plans were derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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“To be totally honest about it, I wasn’t even planning on being there that long,” he shares. “I was planning on wrapping it up around 20 seasons or 21 seasons and then obviously COVID hit and then I didn’t want to walk out on the show in the middle of COVID and them trying to scramble and figure out what to do, so I stayed. I didn’t have anything else to do anyway, so I stayed a little bit longer. But I stayed too long for me to now miss it, I can promise you that.”

As for what he took away from his lengthy reign on the show, Shelton says he walked away with an impressive piece of The Voice set. 

“I got my chair,” he says of the famous big red chairs. “It was the one thing I wanted — besides a bunch of money — I wanted to take home from The Voice, so they did, they sent it to Oklahoma.”

Shelton’s wife, Gwen Stefani, whom he originally met on the show, is currently serving as a coach. 

“It all goes back to The Voice. The Voice it connected everything,” Shelton says. “I was having a country music career, but then they asked me to be on The Voice and it literally changed my life in so many ways. I mean look at the family right there. It’s like all of the sudden, I’m The Brady Bunch.” 

For more on Shelton and Stefani, watch the clip below:


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