Britney Spears’ Dad Jamie Has Leg Amputated After Suffering Infection

Britney Spears’ Dad Jamie Has Leg Amputated After Suffering Infection

Britney Spears‘ estranged father, Jamie Spears, recently underwent a procedure to have his leg amputated after suffering from an infection. 

According to multiple reports, the procedure took place in November and was a last resort for doctors after five unsuccessful surgeries to contain the infection. 

One source told Page Six that the “terrible infection” followed a knee replacement that Jamie, 71, had undergone earlier this year. 

ET reported in October that the pop star’s father was recovering in an outpatient facility after being hospitalized for a bacterial infection and falling “severely ill.” At one point, he was moved to an infectious disease outpatient facility amid the illness. 

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Jamie has become estranged from Britney, 42, in recent years following her public battle in 2021 to end his conservatorship over her. 

Britney made headlines in 2021 when she gave explosive testimony at a hearing, sharing that she would like nothing more than “to end the conservatorship without being evaluated,” as well as regain control of her life. She also shared a slew of shocking allegations against both her father and her team. 

Britney’s conservatorship was terminated in November 2021 after 13 years, and Jamie was suspended from his role as conservator.

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In June 2022, Jamie’s lawyers filed paperwork to compel a deposition from Britney. According to court docs obtained by ET, Jamie’s lawyers claim that Britney is not only dodging a deposition but stands to make a reported $15 million from her tell-all book about her conservatorship and the very things Jamie’s lawyers claim Britney was refusing to talk about in court.

In her recently released memoir, The Woman In Me, Britney wrote that she had made peace with the idea of cutting ties with her family after discovering that her mother had allegedly disposed of cherished items, including her extensive doll collection, during a visit to Louisiana amid the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

Following the release of Britney’s book, Lynne Spears, came forward to dispute these allegations. In an Instagram post featuring a black journal bound on a bed and a carousel of photos showcasing Britney’s apparent dolls, Lynne tagged her daughter, writing, “I’m not sure who told you I got rid of your dolls and journals but I would never do that!”

Lynne went on to express her understanding of the sentimental value attached to these items and reassured Britney and her fans that she still possesses them. She even extended an offer to send the belongings to Britney, adding, “Please let me know and know how much I love you!”

After her mom took to Instagram, Britney addressed a message to Lynne, 68, on Instagram, doubling down on her claim that her family had gotten rid of keepsakes she held dear. 

“Mom, I love you so so much, but there were 3 dolls in the cabinets when I went home 2 years ago,” Britney wrote in an Instagram post, which also featured throwback pics of Taylor Swift. “Kinda really weird you would take them out and then put them back in… so messed up.”

She continued, “Nope, I don’t want them. Keep it all. I honestly don’t care anymore… honestly though.”


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