Can You Guess How Much Money Khloé Kardashian Makes? (It’s a Lot)

Can You Guess How Much Money Khloé Kardashian Makes? (It’s a Lot)

Much like pineapples on pizza or the resurrection of fashun fanny packs, the Kardashians can sometimes be, erm, controversial. But there’s no denying the fact that America’s First Reality Family is massively successful and rich. Here, we take a closer look at Khloé Kardashian’s net worth in particular to hopefully cull *some* inspiration from the celeb’s financial decisions (I’ll try anything at this point 😭😭😭).

As it turns out, Khloé has as much money as some of her sisters (ahem, Kendall Jenner), so I guess her nickname is Khlo-Money for a reason, mmmkay? Here’s how she made her millions.


First, Let’s Talk Her Reality TV Salary

You can get a full rundown of the absurd amount of money Khloé made for Keeping Up With the Kardashians through liiike 2017 over here, but TL;DR: It’s a lot! In 2015, the family even reportedly agreed to a deal just “below $100 million” to take them through 2020.

So, how much of that did Khloé shove into her Birkin bag at the time? Apparently, the core Kardashian members (aka Kim, Khloé, Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie, and Kris) split things pretty evenly—which means Khloé made around $16 million from that lucrative 2017 contract alone. Damn.

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Fast-forward to 2023 and the Kardashians have officially made the switch from E! to Hulu after their mini hiatus and are actually set to come out with season 3 next week! Not only does that mean that we have to turn to the streamer to watch the show, but it *also* means that the famous family managed to stash away a few extra million in the bank since they reportedly received $100 million from the platform in their lucrative, multi-season deal.

P.S. Khloé also appeared in (and made $$$ from) Kardashian spin-offs like Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, Khloé & Lamar, and Revenge Body.

^TBT to when Kourtney and Khloé re-created their Miami spin-off poster? Bc same.

Her Good American Brand Is Verrrrrry Successful

Although it will obviously never be as cool as Rob Kardashian’s SOCK COMPANY (jkjkjk), Khloé’s denim brand Good American continues to crush it. I mean, as soon as KoKo launched the company with Emma Grede in 2016, it was reported that they quite literally made $1 million on day one. Which, FYI, is the biggest apparel launch in denim history. (Yes, “denim history” is a thing—don’t question it).

It’s unclear exactly how much Khloé takes home from this venture, but let’s assume it’s—to put it delicately—a f*ck ton.

Oh, also last year the brand announced a collab with TLC, which !!!!!!

Let’s Talk Sponcon, LOL

Much like every celeb ever, Khloé has dabbled in the subtle art of Instagram #sponcon. Her endorsements in the past have ranged from lending her name/image to high-profile brands like Becca Cosmetics…

…to posting random #ads for people looking to get a “total body workout done in just 20 minutes.”

She’s also been known to promote fancy toothbrushes:

And prescription meds for treating migraines:

So how much does Khloé get paid per post? According to Michael Heller, the CEO of digital-marketing firm Talent Resources, around 2019 the star could have earned up to $250,000 for just one IG—that number has likely only continued to rise as she’s gained more followers and success. Lolololol, same! *runs off crying*

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And Then There’s Her Real Estate

So it turns out Khloé casually has millions of dollars tied up in real estate assets! Back in March 2014, the celeb even bought Justin Bieber’s old house for $7.2 million to be exact. Here’s a glimpse inside for your viewing pleasure, yw:

Khloé has since sold that home in 2020 for a “record price” of $15.5 million, which means she made a cool *opens calculator app* $8.3 million 🤯🤯🤯. No doubt some of that $$$ went toward her new, jaw-dropping $17 million Hidden Hills pad right next to mom Kris Jenner.

So, What’s Khloé’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, that’d be $60 million, which is a whopping $20 million more than when we last reported on her net worth in 2019. Oh, and if you’re wondering how that compares to her siblings, Kylie is worth $900 million, Kendall is worth $60 million, and Kim is worth $1.4 billion (yes, with a “b”). Oh, and Kris Jenner is worth $170 million for being the world’s thirstiest momager.

Meanwhile, I’m worth about 3 pizzas, thanks for your time!!!

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