Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Oldest Son Is Getting Married

Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Oldest Son Is Getting Married

Candace Cameron Bure‘s house is getting a little fuller!

The Full House alum recently revealed that she and her husband, Valeri Bure, are preparing to welcome their three children home for the holidays, and that includes their oldest son, Lev’s, fiancée.

“We are gaining a daughter very soon,” the 47-year-old shares with Us Weekly. “My son is getting married just after Christmas, and so we’re very excited.”

When it comes to accepting her future daughter-in-law, Bure is ready to welcome her with open arms. 

“She is definitely, definitely invited into the family, but we’ll see how the holidays work out in that way. Now it’s, like, two families. We’ll probably be vying for the kids every year,” she adds about possibly splitting the plans with her son and his fiancée’s family. 

The Journey Back to Christmas star shares that she is not the mother of a “groomzilla,” and that she is ready to be available whenever the couple need help.

“I’m definitely finding my place in the wedding and just being supportive and I love that. Of course, I want to help and do everything, but I’m learning to settle into my position of just being available and supportive,” she says. 

As for any words of wisdom for Lev and his bride-to-be, Bure says she thinks “the best advice for them is that they know that we’re here for them for any questions, any needs that they want. We’re always here and ready to be available and answer.” 

Bure, who is also the mother of Maksim, 21, and Natasha, 25, didn’t reveal the name of Lev’s fiancée, or share any additional details about the upcoming nuptials. 

For her part, Bure has been married to her husband for 27 years. 

Bure spoke to ET about her and Valeri’s long-standing relationship and how patience is key.

“Some days you just got to hang in there because you’re just, you’re in it and you got to stay in it even though you don’t want to be in it,” she told ET at the time. “But it’s hills and valleys along the way — especially with last year, all of us staying home so much. I fell in love with my husband all over again.” 




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