Channing Tatum’s Career in Photos

Channing Tatum’s Career in Photos

With his charm, quirk, and versatility in roles, how can you not love Channing Tatum? Not only is he funny—both in film and out—but his acting range is spectacular. He got his big break in the rom-com She’s the Man but has gone on to play some iconic roles including a boisterous undercover detective in 21 Jump Street and an insecure and emotionally damaged wrestler in Foxcatcher. Oh, and can’t forget about his most-known role as an experienced male stripper in Magic Mike too.

Fact is: Channing is always challenging himself, whether that’s by acting, dancing, or producing. There are not many actors whose work can make you laugh-too-hard-until-you-can’t-breath, but that’s 21 Jump Street, White House Down, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle for you. Add the fact he can also make you tear up with his ah-freaking-mazing performances in rom-coms Dear John and The Vow.

There ain’t nothing this man can’t do. Don’t believe me? Okay, cool. Let’s look back at some of his biggest career milestones, so I can prove all the haters wrong.

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