Chile, Take a Well-Deserved Break With These 11 Black Yoga Instructors


If you’re reading this, thank yourself for at least being curious in the ways in which you can take some time to take care of yourself. When it comes to learning a new method of self-care (like yoga and breathwork), being able to see yourself in your teacher can be the thing that opens a door to a new experience you may have never tried before. That ideology applies to trying out yoga too. While this is a sampling of who is out there, know that Black yoga instructors exist and the ones on this list have uploaded their offerings on YouTube so that you can find a teacher that speaks to your needs and can meet you wherever you have an internet connection.

Keep reading to browse through some grounding, energetic, and meditative videos from 11 Black yoga instructors. Tip: take a break whenever you want one, not when you think you deserve one.
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