Chris Evans Reunites With His MCU Besties in a Chase Scene in “Ghosted”

Chris Evans Reunites With His MCU Besties in a Chase Scene in “Ghosted”

Some MCU fans have been clamoring for more scenes between Chris Evans’s Steve Rogers, Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson, and Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes for quite some time. And while Marvel hasn’t made that dream come true (yet?), Evans kind of has in his new movie “Ghosted,” released April 21 on Apple TV+. Mackie and Stan both have cameos in the spy thriller/rom-com, which also stars Ana de Armas. Then another MCU star also pops up later in the movie: Ryan Reynolds. Technically, Reynolds and Evans have never been in an MCU movie together, though, since the former’s Deadpool is only joining the universe with “Deadpool 3,” but we still think it counts. We’re breaking down the three MCU cameos ahead!

Who Does Anthony Mackie Play in “Ghosted?”

During the film, Evans’s Cole chases de Armas’s Sadie to London, thinking that it’ll be a grand romantic gesture that will seal their burgeoning attraction. Instead, he falls into a trap set up for Sadie, who criminals refer to as “the tax man.” Sadie saves Cole and then tries to figure out their next move, only to learn the criminals have set a bounty on Cole’s head. Sadie and Cole are accosted by various bounty hunters, and the first is played by Mackie. Mackie’s bounty hunter kills Sadie’s friend and declares, “I’m the best bounty hunter alive!” He’s immediately attacked and killed by another bounty hunter, played by the iconic John Cho.

In the MCU, Mackie’s Sam, aka the Falcon, is good friends with Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. After the Disney+ series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” released in 2021, Sam took on the mantle of being Captain America, and he’ll star as the hero in the fourth “Captain America” film next year.

Who Does Sebastian Stan Play in “Ghosted?”

Then Cho’s character is attacked and killed by yet another bounty hunter, this time played by Stan. Stan’s character tells them that he’s called “God the bounty hunter” — a joke on the actually real-life bounty hunter called Dog the Bounty Hunter. Then God gets taken out by Mackie, who was in the process of dying, but not dead yet.

Stan has been part of the MCU since the first “Captain America” film in 2011, playing Bucky, aka the Winter Soldier. Bucky and Steve are lifelong best friends, though Bucky warms up and eventually befriends Sam, too. He’ll reprise his role in “Thunderbolts” in 2024.

Who Does Ryan Reynolds Play in “Ghosted?”

Reynolds’s cameo comes near the end of the film. He plays another ex-boyfriend of Sadie’s, named Jonah. Jonah has lost an eye (and other body parts) thanks to his connection to Sadie, and Reynolds dons an eye patch and jaunty mustache for the part.

Technically, Reynolds won’t officially join the MCU until “Deadpool 3” is released at the tail end of 2024, but Deadpool is an iconic Marvel character in his own right. Evans also has a brief cameo in Reynolds’s 2021 movie “Free Guy” when Reynolds’s character uses a Captain America shield during a fight.

“Ghosted” is streaming on Apple TV+ now.

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