Christine Quinn Says She Was Pressured to Wear Revealing Clothes on “Selling Sunset”

Christine Quinn Says She Was Pressured to Wear Revealing Clothes on “Selling Sunset”

Christine Quinn says there’s a lot more to Netflix’s “Selling Sunset” than multi-million dollar listings and lavish parties. On the May 15 episode of Dear Media’s “The Skinny Confidential Him & Her” podcast, the reality star alleged that the producers dictated exactly what the cast wore on the show, encouraging a more revealing dress code. “There were so many times where I would try to convince the girls, ‘You’re so much better than this. You don’t need to be treated this way. You don’t need to wear a bra and show your stomach and your boobs. You don’t have to do that,'” Quinn said.

She added that throughout the course of the series, she had to establish her own boundaries and be assertive about what she felt comfortable wearing. “A very conscious choice for me in the show is I never wore two-piece bikinis. And there were so many fights about that. So many fights from producers and production, constantly commenting on our bodies and telling us what to wear,” she said.

“Trying to get you to wear bikinis and revealing clothing?” co-host Michael Bosstick asked for clarification. “Absolutely,” Quinn responded. “I remember there was one time that I came back from horseback riding, because I go out and jump in Burbank, and I was wearing an equestrian outfit,” she said. She alleged production asked her to come in for a scene at the last minute, and she claimed she agreed as long as she could do it in her collared shirt and equestrian pants.

“I was just like, ‘Girls, we don’t have to put up with this.'”

“I remember they got so mad. They threw a tantrum and a fit and I was just like, ‘Girls, we don’t have to put up with this.’ They should be lucky to have us,” Quinn said. “I think people just realize, ‘Oh, that’s what we have to put up with to get a great show done.’ And so everyone kind of just put up with it, you know?” Netflix, Lionsgate, and Done and Done Productions did not immediately respond to POPSUGAR’s request for comment.

Quinn was a member of the original “Selling Sunset” cast for the first five seasons, but she won’t be returning for season six, which debuts on May 19. “Right now, there’s not a place for her at the Oppenheim Group,” her former boss, Jason Oppenheim, said during the season five reunion. “If she changes her behavior, if she brings in a big listing, there’s a lot of reasons why I would consider her having a place at the Oppenheim Group, but I have to say that right now, there is no place.”

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