Cleo Wade Wants to Give You the Gift of Self-Care

Cleo Wade Wants to Give You the Gift of Self-Care

The lines on Cleo Wade’s resume seem to fill up rather quickly because the multihyphenate is always doing something. Wade, a poet, author, activist, and your Instagram bestie, has created a positive community and constantly implores her followers to lead with love while encouraging them to find ways to return it to themselves. So it makes sense that her newest resume bullet was a fitting role: Burt’s Bees ambassador. She recently joined the Burts Bee team to release a collection of holiday sets that amplifies a shared appreciation of self-care, love, and community. In Wade’s world, that looks like nourishing lip balms, luxury skincare, and philanthropy.

As the upcoming holiday approaches, we polled Wade on her favorite self-care products to gift this season.

My holiday gifting tip is…

to give whatever you can give with love.


For the no-fuss beauty:

Burt’s Bees Cleo Inspired Lip Balm, $14.69

Upon opening the lip balm set, a quote from Cleo Wade immediately greets you. “Be kind; it shakes the world,” it reads, along with the word “Love” inscribed elsewhere on the box. The Signature Lip Balm set was designed to not only hydrate and nourish your lips, but also to remind you to give love and positivity every day. When feeling down or needing extra encouragement, scan the QR code for daily affirmations.

Wade says: “My mom will definitely be getting one of everything from my collection and extra sheet masks.”

For the big spender:

Vintner’s Daughter’s Active Treatment Essence, $225

After multiple fermentation processes and botanical infusions, Vintners Daughter created a deeply moisturizing and rich formula to restore balance in the skin and rejuvenate the complexion. The complex formula takes vitamin C, plant actives, and more to give you the glow of your dreams.

Wade says:I usually get [my mom] something I love too, so maybe the Vintner’s Daughter essence spray.”

For the generous queen:

A Donation to The Lower Eastside Girls Club

The Lower Eastside Girls Club (LESGC) is an organization that aims to build a bigger and brighter future for young people of color through extracurricular programs that speak to their passions across industries.

Wade says: “As for everyone else [on my list], I usually make donations to The Lower East Girls Club on behalf of friends and family for the Holidays. But honestly, they will probably have some BB lip balms popping up in their stockings.”

Burt's Bees Cleo Inspired Lip Balm - 0.6oz

Burt’s Bees Burt’s Bees Cleo Inspired Lip Balm – 0.6oz

Active Treatment Essence

VINTNER’S DAUGHTER Active Treatment Essence
donations to the lower east girls club

Donations to The Lower East Girls Club
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