Considering Copper Hair? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Considering Copper Hair? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

One of the biggest shocks after getting a new hair color was adapting my makeup routine and go-to makeup shades. I naturally gravitate toward copper-, bronze-, and orange-hued makeup (especially on the eyes), and after my color transformation, I had a hard time using these shades. I pleaded with my two favorite makeup artists to share advice as soon as humanly possible.

When creating a look, makeup artist Amanda Bell considers how the shades she’s using will work with both the person’s hair color and the undertones of their skin. For copper hair color, Bell suggests eyeshadows in shades like mink, taupe, stone, emerald, aubergine, teal, midnight blue, and apricot. “Copper hair doesn’t mean you have to stick to banal shades,” she says. “Pewter and khaki metallic eyeliners look phenomenal with copper hair and create beautiful dimension.”

Bell says to start with lipstick, then add your blush. That way, you can ensure the blush isn’t too overpowering, and she suggested experimenting with creams, gels, and tints for sheerer coverage.

Lastly, consider your eyebrows. Your colorist may suggest dyeing your brows to more closely match your new hue (do NOT try this at home), or you may just need to tweak the shades of your brow products, which is what I chose to do.

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