Crocs Cowboy Boots Are Here, Y’all, Whether You Like ‘Em or Not

Crocs Cowboy Boots Are Here, Y’all, Whether You Like ‘Em or Not

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Cue the swinging saloon doors, ’cause there’s a new sheriff shoe in town. Crocs is soon releasing a cowboy boot version of its famous holey clogs, complete with spurs, embroidery, and a gold star Jibbitz charm. Although the footwear mashup may seem out of left field for the non-Croc-acquainted, it’s actually “one of the most widely requested Crocs shoe designs in brand history,” according to a press release. No receipts were shared proving these apparent requests — Were they repeatedly submitted via an online form? Did someone start a petition pleading for their creation? — but alas, we’ll take the brand’s word for it and relish in the absurdity.

The Croc-ified cowboy boots have all the markings of regular cowboy boots. They extend up to mid-calf, have a texture reminiscent of crocodile skin, are covered in western-style stitching, and even come with a removable metallic spur on the back strap, should your horse need to giddyup. Seeing as these are still Crocs we’re talking about here, there’s a smattering of holes across the front for all your ventilation and charm-customization needs.

Upon first catching wind of the Crocs cowboy boots, our first reaction was: “What in tarnation has fashion come to?!” But upon further inspection, there are actually quite a few instances where this type of boot-clog hybrid would be useful. Heading to a rainy outdoor country music concert or sweaty football game tailgate? Crocs cowboy boots have you covered, partner. Attending a pool party that’s also inexplicably offering horseback riding? Don’t forget your Crocs cowboy boots. Running out for groceries but need something to strike up conversation with that cute cashier? Crocs cowboy boots should do the trick.

Crocs has been churning out unexpected designs for years, from the bejeweled platform Crocs that graced the Simone Rocha runway to those high-heeled Balenciaga Crocs that nearly broke the internet two years ago. If you can’t possibly resist the quirky charm of the brand’s new cowboy boots, you can score your own pair starting Oct. 23 for a limited time. The shoes somehow already have rave reviews on the Crocs website, which sums up the hype that’s sure to come once they finally drop. Join the waitlist below to be notified as soon as they’re available.

Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot: Join the Waitlist

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