Cute Shoulder Tattoo Ideas to Inspire Your Next Design

Cute Shoulder Tattoo Ideas to Inspire Your Next Design

Getting a new tattoo is exciting, but it can also mean major decision fatigue if you’re generally not great about making up your mind. Picking a design and the tattoo placement goes hand in hand — certain pieces will look better on particular areas of the body than others. If you’re considering a shoulder tattoo, there are a number of possibilities available to you.

The shoulder is a fairly large area, it’s easy to show off or conceal if you’re in the mood to hide your tattoo, and as far as pain level goes, it’s not the worst spot. If you’re on considering getting one but need some shoulder tattoo ideas, you’re in luck. Ahead, Jingxi Gu, tattoo artist and owner of Patch Tattoo Therapy in Los Angeles, shares some things you should know before booking your appointment.

What to Know About Shoulder Tattoos

Your tattoo design should be personal. People often go for ideas that pack a deeper meaning to them, but that’s not a requirement, of course. As far as what designs look best in this area, Gu tells POPSUGAR, “The shoulder is a huge piece of muscle and tattoos will fit the body better if the tattoo size is bigger.” But that doesn’t mean you have to pick a massive piece if you’re interested in inking this area. Small shoulder tattoos can look just as good. “The tattoo can look elegant if it goes across the front [of the] shoulder along the collarbone,” she says.

Do Shoulder Tattoos Hurt?

If you’re wondering If shoulder tattoos hurt, Gu says pain level-wise, the shoulder typically isn’t considered that bad. It’s not as sensitive as bonier locations like the collarbone itself, ribs, or hip. Just keep in mind that everyone’s pain tolerance is different.

How to Heal a Shoulder Tattoo

Basic tattoo aftercare should be followed with a shoulder tattoo — this includes washing the area one to two times a day and moisturizing it often. Given the nature of the area, Gu also says, “Limit exercising and don’t scratch the tattoo.”

Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Keep scrolling for popular design choices, such as flower shoulder tattoos and delicate script designs.

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