Everything You Need to Know About the Nine of Swords Tarot Card

Everything You Need to Know About the Nine of Swords Tarot Card

Okay, let’s get real: If you draw the Nine of Swords in your tarot reading, things are NOT good. This tarot card points to the fears and anxieties that keep you up at night, unable to sleep as we you and turn, haunted by overwhelming total mental anguish. You know, NBD.

No, honey, this is a VBD…or is it? Sometimes you (and all of us!) can build something up into quite a situation in your mind, inflating the negativity up into a major mountain of stress. I mean, who could sleep or focus on anything else?! It could be as bad as you think it is, but it might not be as accurate of a depiction of your current situation. When you keep your fears and anxieties to yourself, they can seem far more powerful than they actually are.

If you are having a true Nine of Swords moment where you feel overwhelmed by fear, it’s most important to remember that you are not alone, and that there is help available to you. It would be really beneficial for you to talk about what’s on your mind with someone you love and trust, or even a professional. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. We ALL need extra support sometimes, and that’s how we ride out the most tumultuous mental storms.


Nine of Swords Keywords

Anxiety, worry, fear, insomnia, nightmares, negativity, stress, breaking point, overwhelmed, mental anguish, recovery, letting go of the past, releasing negativity, seeking help, healing

Nine of Swords Upright Meaning

Here we go, bb: You are going to confront your fears right now! Let’s take a look at whatever it is that is giving you such an immense headache and stressing you out beyond belief. Fear can be one of the biggest obstacles in your life, holding you back from taking chances and meeting your full potential. This tarot card could indicate a moment of self-sabotage. You might be overthinking it and psyching yourself out. Whatever it is, this really might not be something worth worrying yourself sick over.

Don’t be so hard on yourself! The more you worry, the more you feed your anxieties, and the more harm you’re doing to yourself, which you just do not deserve. So how can you support yourself when you’re feeling this way? I am SO glad you asked. If you find yourself obsessing over every little thing or running through the worst-case scenario from every possible angle, just stop, take a deep breath, and let go of all of these potential concerns. Try to embrace a new perspective: Yes, everything could go totally wrong, but it’s actually just as likely that everything could go right… or even better than you previously imagined.

Nine of Swords Reversed Meaning

I hope you know that you aren’t the only one who gets overwhelmed. It might feel like everyone else has it together, but that’s simply not true. We all need help sometimes, and there is no need to white-knuckle it and face all of your troubles on your own. Reach out to someone you care about and let them know what’s stressing you out. Sometimes just saying what you’re worried about out loud will take all of its power away and give you some much-needed perspective. You need to hear that it’s not as bad in reality as it is in your mind. It won’t feel this bad forever, but the only way out is through. Address your worries, anxieties, and mental stressors in order to let them go once and for all.

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Sarah Potter is a professional witch, Tarot Reader and practitioner of Color Magic, a means of using specific hues of the rainbow to conjure different energies and manifest personal transformation. Working with both private and corporate clients, Sarah has shared the magic of color and Tarot with thousands of clients over the years to promote self-empowerment, problem solving, and amplified intuitive skills through lectures, workshops, retreats, and one on one services.

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