Cuyana’s System Tote Is a Quiet Luxury Piece Worth the Price Tag

Cuyana’s System Tote Is a Quiet Luxury Piece Worth the Price Tag

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Between work, events, running errands, and hanging out with friends who don’t live near me, I’ve been out and about trying to balance it all. There have been too many times, where I feel like I’m not prepared to spend my entire day (and even nights) out for so long. As it turns out, I’ve been lacking the bag that can lend that helping hand. I always lean towards crossbody bags for their convenience of a hands-free experience, but the smaller bags just don’t cut it, especially since I’m the type of person who needs to carry their life with them. I’ve been on the hunt for an elevated tote bag that makes my life seem like it’s put together on the outside, even though more often than not, it’s not.

My fellow editors and Megan Markle are obsessed with Cuyana’s Easy Tote, but as I was perusing their site, I came across the a similar style that seemed like a better fit for me. Cuyana’s System Tote ($348) is an everyday tote bag that is designed to be customized to your needs. Ahead, you can read more about the bag and why it’s become my favorite.

What’s the Criteria For a Good Tote Bag?

A good tote bag worth investing in boasts a spacious interior and versatility. You should be able to throw all your essentials and extras in a bag and run out the door, taking it to the office, or the gym, to run errands with, or use it as a personal item bag while traveling. But to take it a bit further, it should be stylish, durable, and, most importantly, work with your lifestyle. Whether it means having ample compartments for organizing or a design that goes with your look (or even enhances it), no matter what you’re wearing, you’ll want a tote bag that you can use every day.

What I Like About the Cuyana System Tote Bag:

Cuyana’s System Tote Bag has become my ultimate Mary Poppins bag, but much more chic. I got the 16-inch model to accommodate my laptop, but I think it’s truly the perfect size to take advantage of its versatility. The System Tote itself has a very spacious and open interior to accommodate your storage needs and flexibility. But what makes the System Tote unique is that it has a wide range of add-ons that let you customize your tote to make it fit your needs and lifestyle. I opted for the Flap Bag and the adjustable strap due to its versatility. The adjustable strap can turn the System Tote into a crossbody bag, and you can attach it to the Flap Bag, making it into a cute going-out bag, similar to a wallet on a chain.

If I’m out and about all day long, I usually pack my laptop, my tech case with my wires and chargers, a water bottle, a cardigan to keep warm, a few fruits/snacks, and my wallet, keys, lip products, perfume oil, headphones, and hand sanitizer, which are all in the Flap Bag add on. The packing list changes according to how I want to use the bag, whether it’s an overnight bag, a commuting or work bag, a personal item carry-on bag, or even an errand bag. This bag lets me bring all my necessities, even a change of clothes and extra makeup so that I’m always prepared for the day’s activities, truly allowing me to go from day to night (or overnight to brunch).

Even though this is the epitome of functional and stylish, I’d be remiss to not rave about the quality and craftsmanship of this bag. The Italian leather is so soft and flexible that it looks more delicate than it actually is. It can handle the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle, but it makes you look put together. This bag is something that I know I will use for the rest of my life; it’s truly a luxurious, timeless piece.

What to Consider Before Trying the Cuyana System Tote Bag:

The System Tote Bag is a great investment for those who want to customize their tote with their organizational needs, however, the add-ons are at an additional cost, which makes the overall bag more expensive. I highly recommend buying the add-ons on an as-needed basis, rather than splurging on all seven. You can also consider using other travel cases and pouches that you already have to keep things organized. I already have a laptop case that I love, and it fits perfectly in the bag, as well as a tech case, so getting those add-ons wouldn’t be necessary for me. I chose the Flap Bag because I thought it was the most versatile for my lifestyle since I use it as its own standalone bag.

It’s also important to note that the Flap Bag fastens onto the top of the System Tote, however, that also prevents the tote from being securely closed with the button closure. When I want to keep my tote securely fastened with the button closure, I move my Flap Bag to either side and fasten it there, or just leave it inside the tote.

Who’s the Cuyana System Tote Bag Best For?

The Cuyana System Tote Bag is ideal for those who want to carry their life with them but can never find a bag that is ideal for their needs. With its spacious interior and combinations of add-ons, you’ll be able to customize your tote bag to your organizational needs. It’s the bag that will keep up with your busy lifestyle, especially if you’re constantly on the go. It’s also such a thoughtful and useful gift for the women in your life, whether they’re busy professionals, commuting or traveling often, or just a lover of fashion.

Is the Cuyana System Tote Bag Worth the Splurge?

Cuyana’s lineup of accessories and clothing are the epitome of quiet luxury but with the craftsmanship to back it up. Made with quality materials like genuine Italian leather that’s durable and silhouettes that go beyond trend cycles, this tote bag is a staple you’ll use for years to come; it truly stands the test of time. It’s been my commuter bag, an overnight stay bag, a change into a cuter (or more relaxed) outfit bag, a personal item bag, and most of all, my go-to Mary Poppins bag. When it comes to investing in pricier items, my philosophy is that nothing is a waste of money as long as you put it to use, and ever since I got the System Tote, it has been the only bag I want to use.

Additional Details:

  • It’s available in five colors: black, cappuccino (a neutral tan), caramel (a warm brown), dark olive, and stone (ivory).
  • It comes in three different sizes: a mini (11-inch wide), a 13-inch (fits a 13-inch laptop), and a 16-inch (fits a 16-inch laptop).
  • The pebbled version is made from a soft and supple Italian double-faced leather. You can also get a croc leather version as well in two colors.
  • You can choose from seven add-on attachments: an adjustable strap ($58), a wide adjustable strap ($88), a system flap bag ($128), a system laptop bag ($98-$108), a system pouch insert ($198), a system zipper pouch ($138), a 13-inch tech carry-all ($198)
  • You can choose from seven add-on attachments: an adjustable strap ($58), a wide adjustable strap ($88), a system flap bag ($128), a system laptop bag ($98-$108), a system pouch insert ($198), a system zipper pouch ($138), a 13-inch tech carry-all ($198)
  • Dimensions: 11 inches height x 19 inches width x 5.5 inches depth

Where is the Available?

The Cuyana System Tote Bag is available on the brand’s site.


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