‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Send Support to Carrie Ann Inaba After She Posts About “Rough Year”

‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Send Support to Carrie Ann Inaba After She Posts About “Rough Year”

Carrie Ann Inaba has gone through a lot this year, but she’s adamant on keeping the faith.

The Dancing With the Stars judge has been vocal about the recurring health issues she has experienced over the past few months, including recovering from a fractured rib to healing from an emergency bout of appendicitis. Well, in a video posted on TikTok, Carrie Ann gave some insight to her followers about how she’s doing. Using a filter that animated her face into the style of an anime character, she detailed how she used it to showcase the belief she has about getting better every day.

“This filter is supposed to see what’s in your heart,” she wrote on the video. “I’ve had a rough year, but this filter lets me see the hope I still have in my heart.”

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When fans saw Carrie Ann share her thoughts about her healing journey that spans back to 2021, their hearts immediately felt for her. As a result, they went to TikTok to give the former The Talk host encouragement for everything she’s gone through to get to where she is today.

‘Dancing With the Stars’

“Our prayers are there!” one person wrote in the comments. “So sorry to hear you’ve had a rough year. And yes, there is always hope. You are strong, beautiful and courageous. Much love ❤️,” another added. “❤️,” a different follower replied.

Carrie Ann’s emotional clip on TikTok comes weeks after she gave an update on her recovery from her appendicitis surgery. At the time, she shared that while she wasn’t 100% back to her “normal” self, she was using the time to improve before Dancing With the Stars season 32 premieres this fall on Disney+ and ABC.

“Thank you for all the well wishes,” she said in an Instagram Live posted on June 7. “I can’t tell you how touched I was when I had the appendicitis. I may have had some problems in my health, but never in my stomach.”

She continued: “I was able to go and fix [the appendicitis], thank god, and it’s taken me this long to just get normal. I have a little bit of a belly, which is part of the healing process … So, I’m getting there.”

Wishing Carrie Ann all the best!

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