DC Young Fly Emotionally Details Grieving Partner Jacky Oh’s Death

DC Young Fly Emotionally Details Grieving Partner Jacky Oh’s Death

It’s been six months since DC Young Fly tragically lost his longtime partner and the mother of his children, Ms Jacky Oh!, and every day he says he dreams about her walking back into his life any day now.

The Wild ‘N Out star opened up about his grieving process during an emotional appearance Wednesday on The Tamron Hall Show, telling the host that the grieving process is different for everyone, especially for someone like him who has suffered numerous unimaginable losses in his short life.

“When that happened, I was like, ‘Okay, I’ve been through this before. All right. I know not to act like that.’ I’ve been through so much loss where it’s like emotionally, like, number to death, because I’m used to it since I was 16,” the comedian shared. “Every death is a different reaction. With my cousin, I was angry. When my father died, i was at peace. When my best friend died, I was confused. Now, when my girl died, I’m shocked.”

Jacky Oh, whose real name was Jacklyn Smith, died on May 31 in Miami. She was 33. Four months after her death, the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that Jacky died from complications from cosmetic surgery. DC and Jacky met in 2015, the same year that DC Young Fly made his first appearance on the hit MTV show, on which Jacky was already starring. The pair shared three children — Nova, Nala and Prince Nehemiah.

“It’s gonna be hard but they’re built for it,” says DC referring to his children grieving the loss of their mother. “I wouldn’t wish this on nobody. It’s hard every day still to this day. It feels like a dream, feels like she’s gonna walk in.”

While at the Los Angeles premiere of Candy Cane Lane, DC opened up to ET about his holiday plans with his kids following Jacky’s death.

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“I try to teach my kids how to give back. I try to not buy them anything, I buy them nothing for Christmas,” he said. “We only watch people be happy. It’s this time of the year we want to be happy for others, so I try to instill in them to show them, ‘Look, at a time where everybody else is wanting something, you gone be trying to reach out here to be happy for others.'”

He notes that his family is “blessed” in that they can “get throughout the year,” so he wants his children to focus on being happy for others “who are just receiving something.”

He added, “Because a lot of times, people don’t be happy for others when they get blessed. And I want my children to be happy when other people are happy.”


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