“Devastated” Dalton Gomez Wants to Win Ariana Grande Back…Even Though He’s Dating Other People

“Devastated” Dalton Gomez Wants to Win Ariana Grande Back…Even Though He’s Dating Other People

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez appear to be ending their marriage—and while the vibes are amicable, apparently this isn’t a decision Dalton is fully on board with. And he’s trying to win Ariana back.

“Dalton has been devastated by it,” a source tells Us Weekly of the breakup. “A separation is not what he’s wanted. He wanted the fairy tale, happy ending, and it’s not looking that way.”

Meanwhile, another Us Weekly’s insider adds that “Dalton is really hoping to make things work with Ariana,” and that “Despite the rocky patches they’ve been through, he isn’t ready to give up on their marriage. He saw himself spending the rest of his life with Ariana and will do anything to get past this.”


Got it got it got it. But if your immediate reaction to this is: but wait, hasn’t Dalton been dating other people for the past few months? The answer is yes, yes he has. The source confirmed that he’s “been dating casually as an attempt to distract himself from the split,” but adds that he doesn’t want anything serious because “truth be told, he’s not over Ariana and would still love to win her back.”

Ariana, meanwhile, “just wants to move forward and has no hard feelings about their breakup.” Which pretty much falls in line with TMZ previously reporting that Dalton has been dating over the last few months, which was fine with Ariana.”

I mean…sounds like Ari wants to move on, but guess we’ll see what happens!

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