Don’t Stress Bc You Can Watch ‘The Bachelor’ Live Tonight (and Yes, It’s Legal)

Don’t Stress Bc You Can Watch ‘The Bachelor’ Live Tonight  (and Yes, It’s Legal)

While the rest of y’all were watching a 10-year-old girl survive the zombie apocalypse in The Last of Us, I was busy calming my ovaries because 👏🏾The Bachelor 👏🏾 is 👏🏾 back. The best reality TV show (sorry not sorry, Love Island) is heading back to ABC with its 27th season featuring leading man Zach Shallcross. If the name sounds familiar, it’s ’cause the California native was vying for Rachel Reccia and Gabby Windey’s attention during their Bachelorette season, and well, we all know what happened, okay??

And for the humans who never watched any episodes but are interested in the drama (i.e., my mother), lemme break it down for ya: Zach didn’t make it far with Gabby, but man, I swear Rachel was the love of his life. Not only did he make it to Rachel’s final four, but he was also a shoo-in to win until Rachel broke up with him. The season 19 Bachelorette had “concerns with the age part,” so our poor loverboy ended up leaving. Yikes.

But third time’s the charm, right? Because Zach is back with The Bachelor and ready to break some hearts. (Oh and find love, of course.) And viewers get to see it all on their TV screens..if they have cable. Which I know most of us don’t, so I know y’all are like, How TF am I gonna feed my Bachelor addiction without spending $50 a month?? Chill, besties—I know how to watch The Bachelor, and no, it’s not by streaming it illegally.

Your (Legal) Guide on How to Watch Season 27 of The Bachelor

Season 27 airs tonight, and you still don’t know how you’re watching it?? Smh.

For my babes who don’t have cable, you can watch Zach fall in love on Hulu. The streaming service releases new episodes the day after they premiere on ABC. Sure, it’s not live and you’ll have to avoid spoilers on Twitter, but it’s a money saver. A subscription with ads costs $7.99 a month (for students, it’s only $1.99!!!), which is way cheaper than other watch options.

You Can Watch ‘The Bachelor’ on Hulu

You Can Watch ‘The Bachelor’ on Hulu

But for my anxious fans who have to watch it in real time, you might have to shelve out some $$$. You can watch The Bachelor live by watching it on cable or through Sling TV or Fubo TV. Sling and Fubo have free trials, but each only lasts seven days. After that, be prepared to spend $40 a month for Sling and $74.99 for Fubo.

Personally, I’m gonna stick to good ol’ Hulu because it ain’t never let me down. (Plus, I stole my family member’s login so I get it for free, lol.) Catch me tweeting my thoughts the next day instead of premiere night, TYVM.

Get Fubo for $74.99/month Get Sling TV for $40/month

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