Dua Lipa’s “Marinated” Makeup Is Peak “Indie Sleaze”

Dua Lipa’s “Marinated” Makeup Is Peak “Indie Sleaze”

Image Source: Getty/Stefania D’Alessandro / Contributor

We are typically obsessing over Dua Lipa’s nails on what feels like a regular basis, but this week we are directing our attention to her latest makeup look. On May 16, the singer posted a picture on Instagram, and like the eagle-eyed fans we are, we immediately noticed something different: her “marinated” makeup look.

From her skin to her eyeshadow, Lipa’s makeup was true to the edgy trend in every way. She opted for brushed-up brows, smoky black shadow, and extra-long, spider-like lashes. Moisturized, almost stain-glass-looking skin, peppered with a bit of blush followed, and she topped the look off with a shimmery nude lip. Save for some silver earrings, Lipa forwent any other accessories, allowing the makeup to be the star of the look.

“Marinated,” or “Tumblr” makeup, has experienced a resurgence with the return of the “indie-sleaze” beauty era. The trend was popular in the early ’00s and as you can imagine, is the complete opposite of the “clean-girl” aesthetic that is all over TikTok. Think rocker-chic hair, intentionally smudged liner, and skin that looks a little bit like you just left the club at 2 am. If this sounds like your ideal beauty look, get some inspiration from Lipa’s makeup below.

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