Ed Helms Reacts to Bradley Cooper Being Willing to Do ‘Hangover 4’

Ed Helms Reacts to Bradley Cooper Being Willing to Do ‘Hangover 4’

Ed Helms is ready to let the dogs out — again!

On Wednesday, ET spoke to the comedian at the Family Switch premiere in Los Angeles, and asked about Bradley Cooper‘s recent comments about doing Hangover 4 “in an instant.” 

“I saw that,” Helms told ET’s Denny Directo about his former co-star’s excitement to do another film in the comedy franchise. 

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“Of course, are you kidding me? An instant,” Helms exclaimed. “Well, as Bradley also pointed out, it’s highly unlikely Todd Phillips [the film’s director] will do it. Bradley, Zach [Galifianakis], and Todd, they’re my favorite human beings on the planet. I would do anything with them.”

The Hangover films starred Cooper, Helms, Galifianakis and Justin Bartha, who played a group of friends who found themselves in some pretty NSFW situations each time they got together. The first film of the franchise was released in 2009, the second and third installments followed in 2011 and 2013. 

Earlier this week, Cooper spoke with The New Yorker Radio Hour podcast and admitted that he would be down to bring back the comedy franchise.


“I would probably do Hangover four in an instant, just because I love Todd. I love Zach. I love Ed so much. I probably would, yeah,” the Maestro star said. 

“I don’t think Todd’s ever going to do that,” he added about the film’s director — who said he left the comedy genre. “But you said the word ‘fun.’ There’s nothing more fun that I’ve ever experienced than Maestro and A Star is Born. This is me having fun. I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t fun.”

Following his comments, ET spoke with Cooper, who echoed his sentiments. 

“Yeah, I meant it,” Cooper told ET of his remarks, adding, “It’ll never happen, but yeah.”

Family Switch is streaming on Netflix now. 




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