Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi Offer Advice After 19 Years Together

Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi Offer Advice After 19 Years Together

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are offering some sage relationship advice. The longtime couple, who celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary earlier this year, marked another milestone in their relationship over the weekend with a fun Q&A session on social media. 

On Saturday, DeGeneres and de Rossi answered a series of wide-ranging fan questions including one inquiry about their best advice for maintaining a healthy relationship. Their comments came nearly two decades after the start of their romance. 

“19 years ago today Portia and I started dating, and what better way to celebrate than by answering some of your advice questions. Happy anniversary, Portia,” DeGeneres captioned the clip. 

After thinking for a moment about what wisdom to share, de Rossi insisted that the key to a good relationship was honesty. 

“Don’t lie, ever,” she said. “About anything.” 

Prompting agreement from DeGeneres, the Arrested Development actress continued. 

“Like, ‘Gee, does this sweater look good on me?’ Not really, maybe go for something else,” she suggested, prompting some teasing between the spouses about their choice of ensembles. 

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DeGeneres and de Rossi concurred that there’s no such thing as “white lies,” while the former went so far as to call herself “blatantly honest.” 

“I always know where I stand,” de Rossi shared. 

“Everyone does,” DeGeneres insisted. “Then you don’t trust people when they say things. It’s like, ‘Did they really like me? Did they really think this?’ Be honest.”

The former talk show host also addressed the power of “compliments.” 

“You shouldn’t take someone for granted,” she said, looking over at de Rossi. “I tell her she’s pretty all the time.” 

She added, quietly, playfully covering her mouth, “I mean, she’s not.” 

“And you like my meals?” de Rossi followed up. 

“Three of them, yes,” DeGeneres quipped. “I like, there’s three meals she makes.” 

De Rossi then asked DeGeneres, “Do I compliment you?”

“Not enough,” DeGeneres admitted. 

“Oh,” de Rossi replied. “You’re pretty!” 

Back in February, de Rossi dialed up the romance when she surprised her wife with a vow renewal.

During the star-studded affair — held on de Rossi’s 50th birthday, inside their home — the two women exchanged “I dos” again, as Kris Jenner officiated.

“When I was thinking about what would make my birthday special, apart from being with family and friends, it was reminding you that you are the most important thing in the world to me. In front of family and friends. I was thinking about my life, my accomplishments, as you do when you have a big birthday, and it all just kept leading back to you and I thought what greater accomplishment can I ever, ever, ever have than being love by someone, who is so magnificent, by someone who is as incredible as you,” de Rossi said at the time.

She went on to speak about how they were not only starting a new chapter in their home, but in their lives together and how she will continue to remain by her side through it all, including their 24 houses in over the years. 

“I’m just so excited for the future where we just get to do whatever the hell we want for the rest of our lives,” she added.

The touching tribute came amid a shift for the former daytime host, who recently ended her long-running show after 19 seasons.

While the talker has ended, a source told ET, “Ellen is not retired. She did not renew her show, but she has never not worked.”

The couple’s recent notable endeavors have included real estate, animal welfare, and traveling. 


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