Fans Console Jenna Dewan Over Her Scary Injury Video on Instagram

Fans Console Jenna Dewan Over Her Scary Injury Video on Instagram

Jenna Dewan just stunned her fans by revealing that she’s dealing with an injury stemming from a recent workout-gone-wrong.

The Rookie actress attended Taylor Swift’s Eras tour on August 4, where eagle-eyed fans noticed she was wearing a brace on her left hand. After folks began asking what happened, Jenna went on Instagram to share exactly how she sustained the injury.

In a video posted on August 7, you can see Jenna attempting a box jump at a gym. As she throws her hands back in preparation for the workout move, her fingers snag on the fitness equipment and bend completely backward.

“For everyone wondering how I earned my newest accessory 🙋🏻‍♀️,” she cheekily captioned the post.

Since Jenna is known for her high-intensity lifestyle thanks to her role on The Rookie, the shocking video had fans rushing to support the actress in the comments.

‘The Rookie’

“I felt the pain from the video 😱,” one person wrote on Instagram. “OH. MY. GOSH! Jenna I’m so impressed I would have crashed to the ground 😂😂😂,” another chimed in. “Oh Lordy that looks like it hurt and the strength you had to keep going is awesome! I hope the healing process is going smoothly!🙏🫶🏽✨,” a different follower added.

While Jenna’s injury certainly looks painful, it’s a common occurrence among those who work out on a frequent basis, unfortunately. Men’s Health writes that while box jumps target the muscles and have the potential to help improve a person’s overall health, it can be tricky to nail the correct form.

As for how to prevent a hand injury while box jumping, the outlet notes that people should take their time while doing it. Along with making sure a person gives themselves enough room to get into the optimal stance, they should also try to keep their hands above their heads instead of behind them while jumping. This will help the body’s momentum and ensure a smoother landing.

In the end, Jenna has some time to heal while waiting for filming on The Rookie season 6 to begin amid the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Feel better, Jenna!

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