Fans of ‘Red, White, and Royal Blue’ Already Want a Movie Sequel…and the Answer’s *Not* No

Fans of ‘Red, White, and Royal Blue’ Already Want a Movie Sequel…and the Answer’s *Not* No

BookTok *definitely* knew what it was talking about when the novel Red, White and Royal Blue went viral…so viral, in fact, that Amazon Prime Video turned it into a new movie, which is available to stream today.

In case you haven’t read the novel yet, Red, White and Royal Blue is about Alex (the son of the President of the United States) and the British Prince Henry, who have a feud but end up falling in love after they’re forced into a staged truce. Because of their political, high-profile statuses, they have to keep their romance a total secret. If enemies-to-lovers stories are kind of your thing, you’ll want to check this out.

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But if you’ve finished the movie Red, White and Royal Blue, and you’re wondering what’s next for Alex and Henry, you probably shouldn’t get your hopes up. At least not yet. Any possible Red, White and Blue sequel has not been confirmed, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost!

In a 2019 interview with Hello!, book author Casey McQuiston opened up about the possibility of a Red, White, and Royal Blue 2.

“Anything’s possible,” they said, although they hadn’t been working on anything at the time. “I will say I have plenty of ideas for stories set in this world and would love the chance to explore one of them some day. I would be surprised if you’ve seen the last of Alex and Henry.”

Casey also spoke about their plans for the film, which had just been picked up at the time of the interview.

red, white, and royal blue

Amazon Prime Video

“The teams at Berlanti Productions and Amazon Studios have so much love for this project and are dedicating so much care to making sure it’s done right,” they said. “Right now the plan is a movie, something big and shiny and colorful in the key of Love, Simon and Crazy Rich Asians.

Who knows, maybe the major success of the book and movie combined will spark a sequel. At least we have this film to hold us over until we (hopefully) get a round two!


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