Florence Pugh on the Powerful Reason She Decided to Buzz Her Hair

Florence Pugh on the Powerful Reason She Decided to Buzz Her Hair

Florence Pugh buzzed off her hair ahead of the Met Gala in May and has been rocking short dyed hair during her last couple public appearances—dying it orange for the Oppenheimer red carpet and going pink at a Valentino show a few weeks prior.

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Florence, aka FloPo, aka Lil Miss Flo, opened up about the decision to cut her hair during an interview with Radio Times (via People), saying, “I purposefully chose to look like that. I wanted vanity out of the picture. Hollywood is very glamorous—especially for women—and it’s hard for an audience to see past that. Whenever I’ve not needed to be glam or have a full face of makeup, I fight to keep it that way. It helps the audience.”

She continued, “Vanity is gone. The only thing that people can look at then is your raw face,” adding, “Even at the beginning of my career, I was always fighting to control my image. It helps me when I’m wearing less makeup because then I’m less of a sparkly thing on screen. I feel like I’m allowed to do ugly faces, like it’s more acceptable.”

Love the message and also just happen to be obsessed with the look.

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