Found: 9 Affordable Mattresses with Top-Rated Reviews

Found: 9 Affordable Mattresses with Top-Rated Reviews

Sleep position

Proper spinal alignment is key to a good night’s sleep, so you’ll want a mattress that best supports that for you. And the simplest way to figure out what kind of mattress is best for you is to consider what position you usually sleep in. Are you predominately a side sleeper? Back sleeper? Stomach sleeper? There’s a firmness level for each type of sleeper. Generally, it goes like this: It’s recommended that side sleepers choose mattresses with soft to medium mattresses. For stomach sleepers, a firmer option will be your BFF. Consider yourself a back sleeper? Your sweet spot will be medium firm picks.

Type of mattress

As you know, there are a million (give or take) different types of mattresses to choose from, all of which have their own pros and cons. Here’s a quick overview of the most common types and what each one’s general deal is.

Memory foam: Memory foam mattresses are the best at relieving troublesome pressure points as they’re designed to conform to your body. This is great for side sleepers or anyone with frequent back pain since it puts less stress on your shoulders and hips. Although these typically tend to retain heat, and therefore tend to be an iffy pick for hot sleepers, there are many brands that have cooling options.

Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses are exactly as they sound—a hybrid combination of memory foam and coils. With these, the coils are at the bottom for support, while the foam portion sits on top for that comforting relief. Firmer ones are great for back and stomach sleepers while a softer model works for side sleepers.

Latex: Latex mattresses are firmer than memory foam ones. For these mattresses, the latex is extracted from rubber trees, which gives a bigger boost of bounciness. You can find three different types of latex: Natural, synthetic, and blended foams. These typically have poor temperature regulation and are best for sleepers who frequently move around throughout the night as it moves with you.

Innerspring: Innerspring mattresses are made of steel coils and are on the firmer side. These are best for back and stomach sleepers where a firmer surface helps keep the spine aligned.

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