Get Ready to See the “Mixie” Haircut Trend Everywhere

Get Ready to See the “Mixie” Haircut Trend Everywhere

At this point, you’re probably very familiar with the “bixie” trend — the hairstyle combining a bob haircut and a pixie — but have you heard of the “mixie” haircut? This newcomer on the hair-trend block is yet another twist on this year’s It hairstyle, only this time, it merges the mullet and the pixie haircut for a fearless new look.

Since its creation, the mixie has made its way into the hearts and onto the heads of many of your favorite celebrities. Kristen Stewart, Zoë Kravitz, Lisa Rinna, Emma Corrin, and Charlize Theron have all debuted the look, and more recently, musician Halsey has joined the ranks of stars trying the trend trend. Ahead, celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho explains everything you need to know about this chic new haircut.

What Is a Mixie Haircut?

“A mixie is an edgy haircut that is longer in the back, like a mullet, and short, like a pixie, in the front,” Cho tells POPSUGAR. It’s no secret that mullets made a strong comeback over the last two years with Miley Cyrus proudly leading the charge, but it’s also understandable why some people might be a little hesitant to jump on board the rocker-hairstyle train — it is a commitment. But the mixie is a good way to dip your toe into the business in the front, party in the back style.

How does it stack up to all of the other new short hairstyle looks we’ve been seeing? “Mixie as a haircut feels uniquely different from what we’ve been seeing but also has a slight ’70s retro vibe that feels familiar,” she says. At the salon, you’ll want to explain the mullet-pixie combo hairstyle to your stylist, but Cho also recommends going to a professional who specializes in this type of haircut. “You really want to seek out a stylist who’s known for edgier haircuts — someone who gets the look and can also understand how to alter it depending on your face shape and texture.”

How to Styling a Mixie Haircut at Home

The mixie is great for all hair types and textures, but the style of your hair (straight, wavy, coily, etc.) will alter the way it looks on you. “Depending on your texture, it’s a pretty low-maintenance haircut because of the loose length around the hairline,” Cho says. “You can let it go longer than a short, tighter pixie.” To give the hairstyle that messy look, Cho recommends using a product that adds some grit to the hair, like the R+Co Velvet Curtain Cotton Touch Texture Balm ($34), the Sachajuan Ocean Mist Hair Cream ($34) or the Kristin Ess Fragrance-Free Texturizing Paste ($11).

Mixie Haircut Inspiration

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