Get the Sleep of Your Dreams with One of These Genius White-Noise Machines

Get the Sleep of Your Dreams with One of These Genius White-Noise Machines

Not sure which device will help you nod off most effectively? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop:

Check out the sound offerings

The most popular sleep sound is white noise, which is a constant, patternless noise that contains all frequencies the human ear can hear, like a gentle static hum. But it’s not your only option—there’s also pink noise (which has a lower pitch than white noise, like ocean waves or rustling leaves) and brown noise (which has higher energy at lower frequencies, like heavy rain or thunderstorms). You’ll also find sleep sound machines with nature sounds, gentle music, and even sleep stories, so it’s totally up to you to decide what kind of sleep soundtracks work best for you.

Consider the bonus features

Do you want a sleep sound machine that also functions as a nightlight or an alarm clock? How about one that you can charge and take on the go? From very basic (like the ergoPouch Drift Away) to multi-functional (like the Dekala Arkenstone), you can find sleep sound machines that do it all—or do exactly what you want ’em to do. The choice is yours!

Read the reviews

The best way to figure out if a sleep sound machine will work for you: Find folks with similar preferences and challenges. For instance, very light sleepers who get distracted by pink or brown noise def respond favorably to the SNOOZ White Noise Machine, while parents of young kids (hi, it’s me) seem to appreciate the adaptability of the Sound+Sleep SE. And since all these devices are available on Amazon, you’ve got TONS of reviews to peruse.

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