Get to Know Leslie Odom Jr. and Nicolette Robinson’s 2 Kids

Get to Know Leslie Odom Jr. and Nicolette Robinson’s 2 Kids

Leslie Odom Jr.’s two kids with fellow Broadway star Nicolette Robinson are quite possibly destined for greatness. With parents who are as unbelievably talented as these two are, we think it’s only inevitable that their daughter and son will follow in their footsteps and become stars themselves — if they want to!

Odom and Robinson, who met in 2008 while working together in LA in “Once on This Island” and married in 2012, make the most of their time together as a family when they’re not working on other projects. They even found time to write a children’s book, called “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know,” which they released in March. “We try to make bedtime end the day in a really positive way,” Robinson told Playbill of the inspiration for the book. “We want our kids to always feel empowered and secure and loved. Ending the day with that before they drift off to sleep is really important. So, we just wanted to contribute something to the book space that reminds kids constantly that they are loved.”

Ultimately, the book was all about reminding their kids how much they’re loved — and that they deserve to love themselves, too. “I think self-love is one of the most important things,” Robinson told Parents in March. “You have to be able to have self-love to love others, to make your way confidently through this world. And I’m still learning; we’re still figuring it out. But I do think that part of that journey for your kids is teaching them how to love and teaching them that they are loved so endlessly no matter what they do.”

The book’s text doubles as lyrics to a song that Odom and Robinson wrote alongside composer Katie Boeck. “I grew up with books on tape. There are still ones that my sister and I quote to each other to this day,” Odom told the outlet. “So this is our version of that. You can read the book as a book, or you can follow along with the song.” Of course, the musically talented couple recorded their own version of the song, and in the official recording, their kids can be heard singing along at the end.

Ahead, check out some of their cutest family photos and get to know their little ones!

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