Gigi Hadid Visits Bradley Cooper While He Works Cheesesteak Food Truck

Gigi Hadid Visits Bradley Cooper While He Works Cheesesteak Food Truck

Bradley Cooper made the callout for all breadheads to watch him work the grill inside a food truck and serve up some Philly cheesesteaks — and Gigi Hadid answered the call!

It all went down Wednesday on West Third Street near Sixth Avenue in New York’s Greenwich Village, where the Maestro star was seen wearing an apron and putting in some serious work behind the grill. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Cooper teamed up with Danny DiGiampietro, owner of South Philly’s Angelo’s Pizzeria, to sell the famous Philly cheesesteaks in the Big Apple.

Cooper, a Philly native, donned a black hoodie and Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott sneakers for the occasion. DiGiampietro is said to have driven to NYC with the food early in the day and met up with Cooper at the location where they served the $10 cheesesteaks. For the record, the outlet noted, Cooper went through ServSafe food-handling training in order to get a health certificate that allows him to handle the food.

For the day’s joint venture, the business was dubbed Danny & Coop’s Cheesesteaks. The Inquirer reports that the actor and DiGiampietro have been scouting locations in NYC to possibly set up their own cheesesteak shop. All proceeds from the day’s sales — as well as Thursday’s pop-up — will help to feed New Yorkers in need. The duo met in late 2019 after Cooper stopped by at one of DiGiampietro’s Philly pizza joints for a cheesesteak. The Inquirer reports that DiGiampietro, notorious for not having a phone number for his pizza business, gave Cooper the restaurant’s secret cell phone number, and the actor texted hours later — using colorful language — that they were the best cheesesteaks he had ever had. 


As for Hadid, she was incognito — or as incognito as a renowned supermodel can be — wearing a denim jacket, black Yankees hat and shades. She’s said to have chowed down on some of the grub being served up at the truck, and she also took some to go.

A source tells ET, “Gigi and Bradley are spending a significant amount of time together when their schedules allow for it. They have introduced each other to their immediate, close-knit circles. [Mom] Yolanda [Hadid] and [sister] Bella [Hadid] could not be more supportive.”


The source added, “Gigi and Bradley get along well and have similar personalities. Underneath it all, they are both goofy, love to laugh, travel, and spend time with their family and friends. They are genuinely happy and taking things day by day. Fame doesn’t phase either one of them and they admire that about each other.”

Hadid’s appearance comes just weeks after Cooper introduced her to his work friends. A source told ET that the A Star Is Born actor invited the supermodel to a work dinner in New York City as their rumored fling heats up in the chilly autumn months

“Bradley and Gigi are smitten with each other. The two enjoy spending time together and have introduced each other to the important people in their lives,” the source said. “Last night, Bradley invited Gigi to a work dinner in NYC. They have bonded over their passion for working, their families and, most importantly, being a parent. People around them think they are great together.”

They’ve been close for some time now. When they’re not dressing alike, Cooper is crashing Hadid’s girls night out with Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Sophie Turner. 


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