Hailey Bieber Debuts Newly-Dyed ‘Whisky’ Hair Color

Hailey Bieber Debuts Newly-Dyed ‘Whisky’ Hair Color

If Hailey Bieber making the big chop earlier this year hasn’t given you the urge to pick up the scissors, I don’t know what will. Her bob is the *perfect* sleek chin-grazing number, and somehow, it just got even better with this recent color switch-up.

The strawberry queen just debuted the new brownie-reddish shade on her TikTok account and it’s safe to say, we’re obsessed. We might be in the height of summer (well, according to the calendar anyway – the UK weather is saying something different) but this new color is screaming autumn to us. Take a look:

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We’re dubbing this new auburn shade ‘whisky’ and it’s giving us a strong urge to cosy up with some blankets and listen to Evermore – pumpkin spice latte in hand, of course. The effortlessly blended brassy tones have really added an extra dimension to her wavy bob, proving the powers of hair color. Subtle, yet so effective.

We’ve seen Hailey blonde and brownie brown in the past, but this new hair transformation has a reddish tinge to it, which is very unexpected. Is it just the light or is she in her redhead era? Only time will tell.

Who had Hailey Bieber going red on their bingo card for 2023? Not us.

The Rhode founder also debuted the new shade on her Instagram stories, giving us yet another sneak peek at the newly dyed color. It looks so rich and chocolatey, we could almost eat it; I said almost.

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Hails hasn’t said who’s responsible for this enviable dye job, but we’ll keep you posted. Seriously, can it be any more glossy? Give the fans what they want and drop the haircare routine please, Mrs. Bieber.

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